Winter Wonderland Pt.2

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(Adrianna POV)

We're in Jack's black Range Rover heading to there families cabin upstate. He wanted to keep it a surprise but Lilly ended up spoiling it by accident. He planned it out with Justin a few weeks ago and didn't plan on telling me until the day of, which is romantic but crazy. I'm happy Lilly told me when she did.

  Currently Jack his driving while Justin is in the passenger seat and Lilly and I are in the backseats. Me and Lilly have been playing different road trip games but now we're bored out of our minds and feel like causing trouble hehe.

  "Okay so what's the plan?" I whisper in Lilly's ear with an evil grin.

Lilly start kicking the back of her daddy's chair to the beat of the radio and soon enough I join in.

"Girls we know what you're up to!" Jack says while keeping his eyes on the road.

"Mphhh but daddy I'm bored out of my mind. How far are we?" I whine.

"Adrianna behave like the good girl I know you are. We aren't far from the cabin. I promise." He says in an lighthearted tone.

I turn to Lilly and smile.

"I don't think we should bother our daddy's anymore.....or at least for a little while." Lilly says and I shake my head in agreement.

A few minutes go by and I see the car pull up to this absolutely beautiful cabin.

  A few minutes go by and I see the car pull up to this absolutely beautiful cabin

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Lilly and I scream and giggle out of pure excitement. I wait no so patiently for daddy to unbuckle me seatbelt and help me out the car. There's so much snow and I absolutely love the snow. I run and drop myself into a pile of snow and play with it. Lilly soon runs over to join me in the snow. We play in the snow as we watch our daddy's carry the bags out of the car into the house but as there walking to the house me and Lilly decide to attack them with snowballs.

  "SNOWBALL FIGHT!!" Lilly and I shout at the same time.

Justin runs to take cover behind the parked car and Jack begins to form several snowballs while hiding behind a tree.

"READY. SET. GO." Jack yells and before I can run for cover, snowballs are flying me and Lilly's way. I try to protect myself but in the end I had snow in my mouth so that goes to show that I wasn't doing a very good job. Let's not even talk about Lilly who left me for dead while she ran to wait by the front door hiding.

Instead of fighting back I surrender and run to the front door of the cabin and give Lilly an evil look.

"You're so gonna pay for leaving me" I giggle and give her a fake evil look.

"Sorry Adrianna but instead of making me pay let's make them pay" she laughs even more and give me a hug.

"Fineeeee you know I love messing with my daddy so I can't resist that offer." I smile and laugh.

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