Chapter sixteen

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Harry followed the prefect to the great hall, Draco discreetly holding onto his sleeve. When they got to the great hall, everyone was staring at him as if he just proclaimed aloud he was lord voldemorts son, which, he wasn't far from being if he may say so himself. He made sure Draco was seated before gracefully seating himself and urging the boy to eat, as he was as well. 

Draco looked tired and he was shaking terribly. Harry had forbade him from gelling his hair back, as it can cause headaches and ruined his hair, so he looked a bit of a mess. Harry tried to help Draco as much as he could while still acting discreet. And Draco thanked him. 

Soon enough Snape came around, handing out their timetables and Harry was anything but outraged, "All our classes with Gryffindor? Professor you're insane! Absolutely bonkers!" He exclaimed, standing, not noticing the feared looks the rest of the school gave him for speaking to Snape like that. 

But, unlike they expected, Severus replied, calmly, with, "I am afraid, Mister Evans, that this was not my doing. Professor Dumbledore required all Slytherins and Gryffindors be partnered up to sort house rivalry, and all Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs partner together because they could learn valuable lessons from one another." Harry turned sharply on his heel and stalked up to the head table, "Are you trying to kill your students old man?" He sneered, "All of you know each class will end in some sort of disaster, and there will be at least four people in the hospital wing a lesson." He said, his voice getting progressively louder and more threatening. 

Just when Dumbledore went to reply, Harry turned to stalk from the hall before turning towards Slytherin table and ushering Draco up, whispering in his ear. Draco's face lit up at whatever he said, and he hurriedly got up. The two, or rather Harry, speed walked out, with Draco trailing slightly behind holding Harry's hand. At one point Draco even skipped to keep up, ignoring the looks because he knew, that, no matter what, Harry would protect him. 

The two made their way to Slytherin common room, and jogged up to their dorm, slipping off their shoes and jumping onto Harrys bed. Snape stalked in a few seconds later, "What are you doing?" He asked, glaring, but it held no malice. "Draco here feels ill and I am companioning him in his recovery." He drawled, a smirk ghosting his lips as Draco lay down. Snape smirked, "Very well, however please try to attend at least one lesson today, and attend meals. My first period is free, would you like me to call your father or mother?" Severus asked, "Yes please, Sev." Draco said, his voice light, almost excited. "Come down to my office as soon as you can, its the portrait of the lilies down the hall to the right." He said, turning sharply on his heel. 

Harry put his shoes back on, but took off his robe, so he was only wearing his shirt, which was neatly tucked into his trousers, his shoes, socks and tie. Draco stripped to his boxers and put on some silk pyjamas and slippers, then Harry grabbed his wand and they walked down to Professor Snape's office, and knocked. A drawled, "Enter." was heard, and the two boys walked in to see a blonde couple, and Draco's face broke out in a grin and darted at his father, as Harry assumed. His thoughts were confirmed when Draco let out a squeal that sounded far to similar to, "Daddy I missed you!" While the blonde mad was cuddling his son, he noticed the tall, slim boy in the doorway. The blonde man coughed, and looked at the boy, trying to shrug his son off, "Mr Malfoy, please hug him to his hearts content. He has been crying since he got here." Harry drawled, leaning against the door frame. "I have not!" Draco scoffed, his cheeks reddening as he turned on his fathers lap to face Harry.

"Oh, just since three this morning, then?" He said, a smirk playing at his lips. "Nah I'm just messing with you." He chuckled, almost a rumble. "Well Mr Evans, have a seat." Severus gestured, "Of course." Harry nodded, and took a seat. Then the blonde woman spoke up, "Draco dear wont you introduce us to your new friend?" She asked, Draco huffed, "Don't worry darling I'll do it." Harry drawled again, "Harry Evans, formerly known as Harry Potter." He said, "Don't look shocked. Also no need to introduce yourselves." He said lightly, smiling, "Oh? Has Draco spoke of us?" She asked, resuming her self control. 

"No I didn't tell him your names - Oh! Harry has like weird magic. He like, knows everything about you by just looking at you for thirty seconds." Draco explained messily, nuzzling into his fathers robes. "Legilimens at such a young age?" Lucius asked, but this time Severus responded. "No, he knows every inch of my life more or less and I felt not one prod at my shields." He said, and Harry nearly laughed as all four of them looked at him with bewildered looks, "Its.. its a muggle thing." He sniggered. This talent he had, (he called this the Sherlock Holmes talent) he had since he could remember. This was something that bewildered Tom, and had dubbed him a rare type of Seer.

"How could muggles know such magic that not even we know of?" Narcissa asked, "Well you see, its not magic. Its a very high level of logic. And you have to be very smart to acquire the gift. Many people are born with it, but few learn how to control it. And the few that do control it, hide this gift, as they are tended to be used." Harry explained as simply as he could. The two Malfoys nodded, and Snape shook his head. "You really are extraordinary, aren't you?" Snape chuckled, sitting up.

Harry snorted, "Oh, I am much more than extraordinary, professor." 



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