My Name is Nikita Part Two

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My Name is Nikita

Part Two:

The bells jingle as I open the door to the clinic. It smells like carpet and rubber gloves.I quickly grab my paper work, and I see the nurse at the front give me a dirty look, I smile and walk away. After I finish my paperwork, I walk up to the nurse and pass it to her. I see the same dirty look, and I finally lose it.

"Um, excuse me? I just saw you give me that shit eating look twice now, have I done something to bother you? Because really, I am willing to hear it."

"I just think someone your age is too young to take care of a baby. That is all."

"Well excuse me for that."

I turn my back on her before she can reply.

I am just about done a ragged copy of people magazine when I hear my name. The nurse says it like " Nikki- Tuh"

I smile and follow her into the office. She tells me Doctor Lobwinski will be in soon. I lay down on the flat bed, it is hard, and reminds me of a futon. I hear a knock at the door, and he asks if he can come in. I don't reply because I am so nervous.

" Hello there," he says, "How are you doing today?"

"Um, fine." I say in a tiny voice.

" So you're seventeen?"


"Okay, let's get started."

He squirts a thick, cold, blue jelly onto my stomach. I shiver, and he laughs. He moves a tiny remote like thing over my stomach, and takes a breath in and smiles.

"Well Ms. Spencer, there's your babies."

I glance over to the screen and see a tiny thing about as big as dime, but then I realize what he said.

"Wait. Babies?" I enunciate the "es" as I ask.

"Yes Ms. Spencer, you're having twins!"

I was told to stop at the front desk on my way out. I definitely do not want to, but I suck it up and go. The nurse at the front desk asks me how it went.

"I'm having twins!" I say excitedly.

"Ooh, double trouble." she mutters and rolls her eyes.

I decide not to fight back this time. So I grab my papers, and walk out the door, and on the way out I flip her the bird.

I leave with a smile on my face.


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