Chapter: 58 Valentine's Day

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When we reach his car, which was parked a few spots down, he takes my car keys and hands to his driver telling him to take it back home.

He opens the passenger door for me, as I sit inside he quickly jogs around the car. He slips into driver's seat and turns his body stretching his arm towards the back seat.

"Happy Valentine's day," he smiles and hands me a big bouquet of red roses.

My lips stretch in a wide smile looking at the beautiful red roses. My favorite flowers. I look at the roses and then back at him in wonder, as I never expected this. 

"I love them," I close my eyes and inhale the sweet and enticing smell of roses, and whisper.

Opening my eyes, I find him gazing at me with a soft smile. 

"Thank you," I run my fingers lightly across the petals, then smile at him.

He takes my hand and laces our fingers together kisses back on my hand. Making me instantly blush. There something about these small gestures that send butterflies in my stomach. He chuckles seeing flustered face and places a quick kiss on my cheek, then he starts the car and pulls out of the parking lot.

"Where are we going?" I ask as soon as we hit the road.

"Somewhere," he casually replies, staring ahead.

"Where, somewhere?" I again ask.

"Somewhere, where, I am taking you," he keeps one hand on the steering wheel and runs his other hand through his hair.

"Where are you taking me?" I ask not liking to be kept out of the loop.

"Somewhere, where, you are going with me," he says, as I notice the side of his lips twitching upward.

"Where I am going with you?" I ask getting irritated.

"Somewhere, where, I want to take you," he bites his bottom lip trying to stop his smile.

"Where do you want-"

"Abigail, if you don't stop asking me questions, I will kiss you to shut you up" he shakes his head and laughs, silencing me immediately.

"Maybe on the other note, you should keep asking," he stops the car at the red signal and taps his fingers lightly on the wheel, "Even though I will not tell you, but still I will thoroughly enjoy in shutting you up," he smiles as he turns to me with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

My eyes widen as I look at him with a horrified expression and turn my face to the other side and quietly start to look out of the window, ignoring his ridiculous laugh.

Nearly after twenty minutes, he parks the car in front of Knights Corporation, making me frown.

"This is where you want to take me, Nathan 2.0," I shoot daggers at him.

"Nathan 2.0?" his eyebrows pull together in confusion as he looks at me.

"Yeah, new and improved version of previous, shitty and faulty Nathan," I say still glaring at him.

"Take me back home," I turn my face away, "Today is my off day and I will not step into any place which is work-related."

He sighs and gets out of the car, a moment later my door opens and he extends his hand to me.

"Are you going to come outside the car?"


"Ok, you left me with no other option," he shakes his head and leans inside the car. Placing his one hand under my knees and the other behind my back as he effortlessly picks me up and takes me out of the car then kicks the door shut.

"Put me down!" I shriek as I tightly clutch the bouquet in one hand and grip his shoulder with the other.

"Put me down, Nathan," As I kick my legs, "I will fall down."

"If you don't stop swinging your legs, then you will make both of us fall," he slightly stumbles on the front stairs.

"So please put me down, I will walk," I plead, "Everyone will watch, this is so embarrassing," I notice we have entered inside the building.

Thankfully, it is evening so most of the staff must have left for the home, but still, some people stay back and work late. 

"Nope," he gives me a lopsided grin and shakes his head, "I like you being this close," he tightens his grip on me as he walks towards the elevators.

"Press the button," he stops in front of the elevator and nods at the button.

I quickly press it, hoping to get away from here before anybody sees us.

Thankfully, soon the elevator door opens and we, I mean Nathan steps inside carrying me.

"Top floor," he points at the button panel, I roll my eyes and press it.

"Comfortable?" he turns his face to me with a teasing smile.

"Yes, very much," I grit my teeth together.

The ping sound of the elevator informs we have reached the top floor and a moment later door opens. He walks outside towards another door and puts me down, but before I can step away from him and grabs me by my waist, as he takes out some keys from his pocket.

"Closes your eyes," he says and unlocks the door.

I do as he says and he guides me through the door, immediately slight cold evening breeze welcomes me.

"Now open your eyes," he whispers in my ear, as a shiver runs down my spine because of cold or because of him I don't know.

Every word died in my throat when I open my eyes to a beautiful rooftop garden. It is simply beautiful. My mouth parts in awe as I take in the mesmerizing sight in front of me. Flower beds cover the entire front area of the roof which is almost half of the roof. A narrow path between them leads to the other side of the roof which is entirely covered in perfectly trimmed grass. 

Fragrances of roses, lavenders and lilies etc, floats in the air and it almost feels like being transported to some other place. 

I notice in the middle of the grass there is a small white canopy net tent decorated with fairy lights and on the side of the tent, there is a table draped with a white tablecloth and two chairs.

I turn to Nathan with wonderment in my eyes. I can't believe that he did all of this... for me.

He softly smiles at me and snakes his arms around my waist. 

"Happy Valentine's day, baby," he murmurs and leans down pressing his lips against mine.


Happy Valentine's Day to all my amazing readers! May true love find its way to you and fill your life with immense happiness. 

 Thanks for making my life beautiful, I LOVE YOU ALL...❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️  

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