Chapter 27

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Battle Scars

***IMPORTANT***A/N: Okay, so I feel like this book is sort of dragging on. I'm not really sure if I want to write a sequel. If I get 500 viewers by the end of the book, I will write a sequel. I don't want to let this storyline go, but I don't want to ruin a perfectly fine plot by adding a sequel, you know.

Lilly's POV:

I woke up and carefully made my way out of my bed. I glanced over at my alarm clock. 4:28 A.M. ugh. I walked to the bathroom and started the shower. I haven't been able to sleep all night so why not wake up now. I covered up my almost healed wound ok n my back. It was extremely close to my heart. The bullet came about an inch away and thankfully it didn't hit any major blood vessels.

It has been eight days since I woke up. Three days after I woke up my mother informed me that we had to move for our safety. Day five we were out of there and in our new house. My mother had been planning this for a while, and she knew we could pack up and get out quickly. I am still in the same city, I just don't live in the same house. This house is much bigger. It has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, an office, and a pool! My room here is 2× bigger than my old one. I also live closer to Jake and Kaitie which is a huge plus. Jake lives two houses down on the left and Kaitie lives across the street and one house over to the right. You know what this means... girl's night out... very often!

After I finally moved myself out of the shower, I through on a loose grey t-shirt matched with a white flowy skirt. I tucked in my shirt and added a jean jacket. Lastly I slipped on my blue converse. It was 6:45 so I had about 50 minutes intill I had to leave for school. I dried my wet hair, so now my naturally curly hair was super frizzy and to be honest I totally rocked that afro look, not. I straightened my hair, pinning back my bangs. I kept my makeup to a minimum with only foundation and mascara.

"Wake up!" I screamed into my brother's room at the time we are supossed wake up. "No." he said and threw a pillow at my face. I marched into his room and ripped his blanket off. He didn't budge. I then continuously flicked himnin the ear untill he finally pilled himself out of his bed. "Thank you!" I said in a sing-song voice before leaving his room. I ran down the stairs and stolled into the kitchen to find my mom. "Good morning." I said as she looked up from her newspaper surprised I was awake. She is usually gone for work before I get out of the shower. "Morning sweety." she smiled. I grabbed some coffee and added lots of honey. Don't ask, I just like it that way. "Alright I have to head off to work. Love you." she said kissing my forehead. "Love you too, mom. Be safe." I said as she left for the agency.

"Josh get your butt down here. It's time to go." I said grabbing my keys. I wasn't supossed to drive and Josh thinks he's driving me today, but he isn't. He got a special license from the agency that let him drive at 15. He is supossed to drive me for two months before I am allowed to drive again, but I feel fine. I don't need a personal driver. He is the only one how doesn't treat me like I'm dieing besides the kids at school. Even though he doesn't treat me that way doesn't mean he is going to let me drive. He is super protective of me and you think he is going to let me operate machinery after waking up from a coma? Well I will make him let me. It's my car after all.

"Alright, I here." He said as he ran down the stairs. He looked at me. "Why do you have the keys?" He asked with an eyebrow raised. "I'm driving." I said as if it were obvious. "Funny. Yeah, no your not." He said and tried snatching the keys from me. I just put my hand up high like when we were little and I was bigger than him. One problem, we aren't little anymore and Jake is taller than me now. He grabbed the keys smirking. "Doesn't work anymore." He said walking towards the door as I pouted.

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