Got Me Tripping and Falling For You (Clumsy)CrushxReader

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*Warning* There will be a cuss word.

Third Person's POV

Y/N was walking to her usual lunch table where her friends were already sitting. She had a little bit of a skip in her step as it is her birthday. As she began to get closer, C/N started sprinting toward her screaming, "Y/N! Happy Birthday!"

However, gravity had different plans for the two because as C/N was about to tackle Y/N into a hug, he tripped over what seemed to be air instead and fell toward the ground. He tried to regain his balance by grabbing onto the closest thing to him...

...which so happened to be her. He soon realized his mistake though, when he ended up falling on top of Y/N, almost crushing the life out of her.

And as if that weren't enough to make Y/N completely flustered, a little wish of hers came true too.

Your POV

Oh fuck.

That was the only thought running through my head as C/N's lips landed on mine. Both of our eyes were wide open while we stared at each other, too shocked to do anything.

He quickly lifted his head away once he realized what happened and got up off of me. He held his hand out to help me up, "I'm so sorry. You know how clumsy I am, hehe."

He nervously scratched the back of his neck while I just stared at the ground mumbling incoherent words. It probably sounded more like random noises.

"It's fine," I finally said.

"Dang. It's your birthday too and I just had to be clumsy," he then gave me a sly grin, "well it's kind of your fault too."

"Uhh, how?" I asked while frowning at him.

"You're so cute. You've got me tripping and falling for you."

Oh my gosh did he just confess to me?

"You don't need to give me an answer yet. Sorry if I made things awkward," he said.

"You didn't make things awkward. I guess I'll just have to catch you," I grumbled back.

"Aww. You're so cute! This kind of feels like my birthday wish came true now," he grinned while pulling me into a hug, "hehe, now I've got my very one tsundere."

"Shut up," I grumbled while he continued to laugh.

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