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You may have thought I updated because I wanted to, but no. My true purpose was to inform you to stop reading gay fanfics and do your homework, cuz most of you guys are hormonal female teenagers in high school.

"Mmm I miss this smell!" Naruto said, taking a dramatic breath in, walking under the tarps of the ramen shop and sitting on a stool. I never understood why this place was so small, Naruto and Iruka have probably given the owner an abundance of money. "Do you remember us, Old Man?"

The shop owner turned around and made eye contact with Naruto before moving his eyes to me. It took him a minute before he said, "Naruto! Naruto is that you? And Hitori? It's been so long!" He had an air of joy in his voice as he turned to look at the two of us. I nodded to him and his daughter, taking a seat at one of the stools after Naruto did.

"Naruto? Hitori? You guys sure got big! Taller than me now, huh?"  Ayame, Teuchi's daughter, said, punctuating her statement with a question directed towards me, as Naruto was only about her height.

"Yes. And Naruto seems to still be shorter than me," I replied, receiving a look from Naruto at the comment on his height. Ayame only laughed, nodding along to what I had said.

"Anyway! Long time no see, miss!" Naruto cheerfully stated, grinning at her.

"What'll ya have? You guys're hungry right?" Teuchi asked, standing between Naruto and I from behind the counter. 

Naruto's gleeful expression never left as he said, "Yea, I'm starved!" to which I nodded in agreement.

"Well alright then, today its on me!" the man replied, "eat as much as you both would like!"

I looked at him, saying, "Surely, you will regret that decision." He laughed as if I had meant to be funny, but I was serious. Iruka stepped in a second after, however, saying that he would be the one to burden Naruto's ramen bill for today. "Poor decisions are being made today," was all I could say in response to that. He would definitely lose a great deal of money tonight.

They spoke of how Naruto was still a genin instead of a chunin while I looked toward Ayame, who was already directing her attention to me. She smiled and walked over to my side of the counter and leaned over it, whispering "So has Naruto said anything since you guys have seen each other? Anything.. relationship type of life changing?"

I shook my head, raising a brow at this. Relationships? I looked towards Naruto who was passionately speaking of the powerful Kazekage, Gaara, who I had seen at times in my years away. Then, I moved my attention back to Ayame, my face still holding an obvious confusion which I did not think was nessecary to hide. "Relationships?" I said it out loud this time since I had not figured out her meaning in the few seconds I contemplated the answer.

She sighed, "You'll know when he says something, ok? I'm rooting for you guys!" She excitedly said, smiling and giving me a thumbs up. 

Rooting for us..? What kind of relationship would require her to support us? I shrugged off the idea, having noticed that Naruto and Iruka had stopped talking about Kazekages and Hokages. Now, Naruto had finished four bowls of ramen, his sixth one being consumed at the moment. Ayame brought me a bowl of ramen at that moment, laughing lightly at Naruto's antics.

"So, Hitori, how did your training go?" Iruka asked, his attention now trained on me, a sweatdrop falling from his forehead as he suddenly remembered the amount of food that the blonde boy behind him was capable of inhaling in a minutes time.

"I enjoyed it. I believe I have a better understanding of others now. I may not get social concepts as easily as I should, or hints of any kind for that matter, but I have increased my knowledge at least by a bit." I said, eating some of the ramen after my short summary of my time away. Iruka nodded and started a speech about how I would soon understand people and not be socially awkward, but that is a goal which is too far away to even think about. I tuned him out and only nodded at what he was saying, continuing to eat the food before me. This is something that I learned people do when they do not care for a person's rambling. Pretend to listen and give cues that imply you are. It is working.

"Oh! Hitori! Did you learn any cool things while away? I did. I bet my new strength will blow you away!" Naruto piped in, patting his stomach and ending his sentence with a burp. "Woooh! I'm stuffed!" I chuckled and nodded, handing my empty bowl to Ayame with a thank you.

"I'm sure you will impress me as you always do, Naruto. For now, I believe sleep is necessary." I say, pointing outside to show him just how late it was. He nodded quickly and stood up, thanking Iruka one last time along with Teuchi and Ayame, pulling me out a second after putting his backpack on. 

He smiled brightly and pulled me all the way to his house, talking about how long its been since he'd seen it, to which I smiled to. I missed him, and I'm glad to finally have him back. "I'm home!" Naruto yelled as he threw his door open only to get attacked by dust. "Yeesh. I shoulda expected it to be this way, huh?" He rhetorically asked, walking inside and throwing a window open with a dramatic heave. I laughed while he turned around and looked at me, laughing as well while scratching the nape of his neck with reddening cheeks and closed eyes. When he opened them, he had seen the old picture of team 7, causing his to let out a huff. "We're back Sasuke. And we'll get you back too.."

"Yes. But for now, we must clean this place before we suffocate," I commented while shaking out his sheets and handing him a broom.


"Irrelevant question."

"Is not!" He started sweeping anyway.

t i m e s k i p

The blonde let out a long, loud sigh as he fell back onto his sheets. "You're staying here tonight, right?" he asked.

"If you would like me to."

His response was to grab my hand and pull me onto the bed next to him, prompting me to let out a grunt as I made impact with the bed. Naruto only smiled widely at me, wrapping his limbs around my body as we laid on our sides. "Ya know, I missed you a lot. I remember when we used to sleep together. Not SLEEP together but- sleeping- how normal people just- you don't even know what the other thing could have been why did I correct myself-"

I wrapped my arms around him and smiled, laying the side of my head on his messy blonde hair. "I missed you, too, Naruto."

And then I heard a loud snore.


So maybe this chapter was a lil late. But ya gotta admit, ya can't stay mad at me. Did I not edit? Correct. Did I do this in a span of thirty minutes? Indeed. Did ya read it anyway along with this author's note? Damn right.

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