Part 32

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"Here you go." She says setting the coffee on the table. "Thanks you don't mind the dog right?" I asked a little unsure what to expect. "Of course not! Everyone is welcome at this cafè." She said then walked away.

Me and Baxter drank the coffee in beautiful silence when the door bell rang again. I turned around and to my luck it was Cayden.


He sat down in the booth and looked me dead in the eye. "Did you bring oreos?" I took my bag and pulled out the oreos. "Here ya go." I said handing him the oreos, he open the package with one movement. "Thanks." He said stuffing his face with oreos. I pet Baxter. "Who's a good boy?" I ask him repeatedly. "I am!" Cayden said jokingly, I had to laugh at him. 

I take out my package of oreos, GOD I love oreos! I wish Cayden was an oreo sometimes. Shit! I just remembered I haven't been to school in like months! Well what can you do? 

"A penny for your thoughts?" Cayden asked, I snorted. "A penny? Fine, I just wished you were an oreo." I said casually. "An OREO?! Why?" He laughed showing his perfect smile. "Yeah, then I could eat you." I said not realizing I just made the opening for a perfect dirty joke. "There is more than one way you could eat me." He said laughing, I laughed so hard that oreo crumbs spurted out of my mouth. 

"Wow, what a joke." I said sarcastically. "I know." Cayden said fake proud. I take a sip off the coffee I ordered, the coffee was actually really good. Me being me ahd to try dip the oreo in the coffee, it wasn't that good. 

I paid for my coffee then me and Cayden walked out of the cafe. "Where do you wanna go now?" Cayden asked taking an arm around my shoulder. "Hmm, maybe we can go swimming?" I asked and Cayden looked at me like I was crazy. "What?! In this time of the year?!" He asked shocked. "Yeah, have you never gone swimming in the fall?" I asked kind of surprised. "Yeah it is not normal." He said. "Well I used to do it all the time with Alex." I said remembering the times we went swimming when our mom specifically said we couldn't. We were sick for days after that but we had so much fun. 

"Well okay, we can do it but if we drown I'll blame you." He said like he was serious. "Okay let's go I know the perfect place." I said taking his hand.

We went home and got swimsuits, I drove us to a small place in the woods. We got to a beautiful waterfall. "Last one inside is a rotten egg!" I yelled as I jumped into the water. I was welcomed by the ice cold water. "That's not fair!" I could hear Cayden complain. 

"Life isn't fair." I said swimming around. "Are you coming?" I ask him standing up in the water. "Nah I'm good." He said sitting down on the ground. "You're coming whether you like it or not." I said getting out of the water. I take his arm and pull him with me to the water. "I don't wanna!" He complains. "Yeah, Yeah sometimes you gotta do what you don't want to do." I said as I pushed him out in the water. He came up as fast as he came down. "Why the hell would you do that?!" He yelled. "To get your reaction." I simply said.

Cayden and I swam for a while before we got tired and decided to go home. I drove us home of course! I went to my room to take a shower and change.

When I had showered and got dressed I walked downstairs. Cayden was still in the shower so I decided to order some pizza. I dialed the number, three sum tones later I heard. "Hello Domino's here what would you like too order?" The voice asked. "Um, could I have two large pepperoni pizzas and hold on a second." I said and walked to the bathroom Cayden's in. "Would you like something from Domino's?!" I yelled and waited for an answer. "YEAH! ONE LARGE CHEESE PIZZA!" He yelled back at me. 

I quickly said his order and hung up on the pizza place.  I sat down on the couch and just watched TV I decided on watching Lucifer because that show is bae. After like ten minutes into the show Cayden came in. "What are you watching?" He asked laying down besides me. "Lucifer, I know you hate that show but you better deal with it." I said, I don't know how it is possible not to like that show.

I hear the doorbell ring, I quickly get up from the couch and get my money. I open the door and pay for the pizzas.

Cayden and I just watch TV and eat pizza for the rest of the night. As usual I fall asleep on the couch and Cayden carries me to my room. 

~~~~~~~~~~Magical fucking time skip to the next day brought to you from me~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I wake up and do my normal morning routine.  I walk outside the room when I realize that Cayden wasn't in the room. I walk back inside to check if he was there but he wasn't, maybe he woke up early. I look after him downstairs but I couldn't find him, maybe he was at his house? I walk into his house through my window. I search the house but he was nowhere to be seen. 

I quickly call his cellphone but he doesn't answer. I walk back inside of my house, I walk into the kitchen when I see a note.

'If you ever want to see your precious Cayden ever again, then I suggest you stay the hell away from my mafia


I hold the note so tight it ripped, that son of a bitch!


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