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"Wow, you literally have the shittiest luck, like...ever."

Delilah leaned against the counter by the sink and picked at a croissant, sending flakes of pastry tumbling to her feet. The lunch rush had slowed by 1, and we were finally the only people in the shop, which meant she ate, and I cleaned.

I rubbed aggressively at a splotchy stain of coffee by the register with a rag. "At least he wasn't driving the truck." I huffed. "I would have faked the measles or some kind of brain tumor and pretended to die on the spot."

"Don't be so dramatic." Delilah scoffed and rolled her eyes. "I really can't believe you forgot his family owned the only mechanic shop in town."

"I didn't forget." I continued to scrub at the coffee stain until my knuckles turned white. "I just..."

"You forgot, just admit it," Delilah said with a shrug.

I threw the rag at her, causing her to squeal and drop her croissant.

"Uncool!" She moaned.

"I just mopped there." I pointed down at the dejected pastry. "Five second rule applies."

Delilah warily picked up her croissant and brushed off imaginary dust. She eyed me like a lioness would eye it's prey before pouncing. I knew the conversation wasn't over, despite any thrown rags or wayward croissants. Maybe I just didn't want to tell her because it meant coming to terms with it all myself. I was here. Grey was still here. And Leah was still dead.

I raked a chunk of hair away from my face. Beads of sweat collected at my hairline, and I was suddenly very aware of how hot it was standing next to the espresso machine. I made a mental note to have my mother invest in a fan.

"Listen," I sighed. "There's a lot I want to forget about here. There's a lot I want to move on from. But I can't do that with him constantly rearing his ugly head and reminding me of every single reason I left in the first place."

Delilah gave me a crooked grin. "I know you were not serious when you said ugly head. Regardless of your current feelings, that man's head is gorgeous, and you know it."

I groaned in response. "Way to completely ignore everything else I said."

Delilah quirked an eyebrow at me and pouted her lips.

"Yes, fine, he's attractive," I sighed. "But that doesn't change the fact that he's a pretentious asshole with a tongue that's too sharp for his own good."

"Okay, well I'd let him put that tongue of his wherever he wanted."

A knot clenched in my stomach as Delilah ran her honey-colored eyes up and down my body. "Although..." she said, grinning even more crooked than before. "I guess you'd know all about that, huh?"

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" With every word that came out of my mouth, a smack on her arm accompanied it.

"Kennedy Marie." My mother came sashaying through the swinging door of the back office, fiddling with the colorful beaded necklace that hung low around her chest. She shook her cell phone at me. "The shop called, Grey wants to talk to you about the car."

I scoffed in disbelief. "No. Can't you go?"

My mother gave me a sideways glance. "He specifically asked for you."

I heard Delilah snicker beside me.

"And seeing as how your shift ends in 20 minutes," my mother continued. "It's perfect timing."

"No way!" I threw my hands up and turned my back to both of them. "No freaking way am I going to the freaking mechanic shop to talk to freaking Grey Fischer about the stupid freaking car."

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