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We all know it.

We all fear it.

Writers Block.

This happens to the best of people. You sit there, stare at the screen and twiddle your thumbs. Gah, you think. Really don't want to write this chapter. Don't know what to do.

Sometimes, the chapter is so blah you end up deleting and re-writing a bajillion times. Sometimes, you simply cannot be bothered. The idea seems boring. Unispirational. Crappy.


Maybe the ideas refuse to come. Maybe the words won't flow. Maybe you can't get started.

Yeah...I'll get to the point.

Writer's block is evil. It happens to all of us. In some of my previous books, all of the above has happened to me! So how the hell do you slowly push yourself to write??

Well, a few ways.

This is one I do. If you are stuck for a story, here's something to do.

I get a lot of my inspiration from music. It is an art form. Think about what the song is trying to say. How it makes you feel. If you are anything like me, you make up your own story while listening to it.

NOTE: I do not recommend pop music for this strategy for writer's block. Most of the time, pop songs contain the same lyrics. Pretty much just sex, drugs and partying.

Here's a trick indiegirl10 taught me.

Simply begin writing, and write whatever the hell comes to mind. Maybe even write a little song about it.

"Bored. So bored. I can't think of anything! I wonder what would happen if I could think of only nothing. Would we all be mindless? What if people who only thought of nothing simply could not think for themselves? What if evil people could program their minds to..."

You get the picture. I literally thought that up on the spot.

I doesn't matter if it sucks. THROW IT AWAY! Trash it. It doesn't have to be serious. Just attempt to improve your writing and improvising skills :)

Which gets me to another side-note.


Beyond_Alternative and I had a very important conversation about that today. As she says, for the love of god please use caps lock! Y U no use correct grammar?!


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