01. log entry

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Log entry, no. 78

date : 12th of August, 1756

given name  ;   Varian

eye color      ;    blue

hair colo   ;    black

overall appearance ;

quite small in stature,
bright eyes,   freckled,
oddly adorable buck teeth.

current age ; two years and
three months

observed abilities ;

• the boy is astonishingly capable of understanding knowledge deemed advanced for his age/level.

has so far shown signs of photokinesis. mainly the manipulation of bluelight, otherwise known as the light that comes from the moon

• can summon sharp, black, glowing rocks, and can harness his powers from them.

can create shape, and shift the properties of light. e.g. turning a light orb into liquid, then shifting it as a solid cube.

easily carried by emotions.

moonstone side effects ;

aside from  a  dull,
  black color, a bright
  blue  streak  is  also
  visible  on  his hair.

freckles glow when
  in use of his powers.
  (it's kinda cute)

further remarks ;
he has a strong liking
for ham sandwiches,
prefers precisely one ( 1 )
teaspoon full of mayonnaise

current state ; stable.

given name  ;   (Y/n)

eye color      ;    (e/c)

hair colo   ;    (h/c)

overall appearance ;

short (wavy/curly/frizzy
/soft/straight) hair, small
nose, glistening eyes.

current age ; one year and
ten months

observed abilities ;

the girl seems to be more in control of her powers. can cast light easier than Varian, and can summon rocks more neatly / effortlessly.

• has nearly the same powers as the boy. although they interestingly seem less lethal.

• can also create shape, and shift the properties of light. has shown abilities through creating a small orb and shaping it into the form of a spider (she seems to like spiders), and shifting it to disintegrate in the wind.

powers seem to be more channeled when around the other.

moonstone side effects ;

scarred hands that
glow a light blue when
in use of her powers

• a small section of her
hair that illuminates due to
strong emotions.

further remarks ;


current state ; stable.


Varian and (Y/n) work best
when together. They appear 
to be harnessing each other's
strengths, granting them better
control, agility, and reflex.

Varian has already
begun showing signs of
protectiveness over (Y/n).
As to be expected...

(Y/n) is capable of creating
platforms and making them

we have yet to learn
about their weaknesses.

all I know for now,

is that they need one another.

and they must not be separated.

Log, ended

M. Loire

CLAIR DE LUNE, (varian x reader)Where stories live. Discover now