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It's already morning and I haven't sleep well. I'm still adjusting with the noise and the place. This room is too... Comfortable I guess?

I got up and fix my bed then go to the shower room.
It's 5 in the morning and it is still dark outside.

I'm planning to head outside but something caught my attention. It smells really good.

I got curious so I followed where it comes from.
As I make my way to the kitchen I can hear someone is humming.

I found out that Jennie is cooking, it's odd since she always wake up late, and my duplicate needed to wake her up.

I went closer to her but got unnoticed maybe because she's wearing that earphone.

I sat on a chair and watch her doing her thing, I don't know but I'm fond of staring at her since last night.

" Fuck! Lisa you scared me! " she shouted.

" Sorry, what are you cooking? " I ask.

" Your breakfast " she said shyly.

" I'm good, I'll just eat outside " I said and left her alone.

I am now on my way to this morning resto when I realized something.

" I shouod stop what I am doing and act how my duplicate handles the situation " I said to myself.

It means I need to reciprocate Jennies feelings since she likes my duplicate, that's my job, for my subject to stick with me.

I got my phone and texted her.

To : Jennie Kim

" I'll be back, can't wait to taste my breakfast! "

No, too exaggerated, how about.

" Hey, is the breakfast still available? "

No, that's not Lisa. Right! I know.

" I'll eat with you " I immediately press send and turn the car.

I went inside and see the food all prepared.

" Hey, come on. You're just in time " she said showing her gummy smile.

I sat beside her. She put Kimchi fried rice on my plate and some hotdogs.

" Eat up! We might get late "

" Lis! You're blooming today " as I remember this is Jisoo, Rosé girlfriend and Mina Chaeyoungs subject.

" Hey Jisoo " I said and sat on my chair.

I'm still new to this, where everyone is real, they can be touched.

I got startled when someone poked me.

" Hey Lisa, don't forget to come at my place later this evening " Right this is Nayeon. The partner and I believe she likes my duplicate too.

" Sure " I said shortly.

" btw, you look prettier today " she said shyly and turn her back.

Okay everyone noticed me.

The teacher went in and strated the discussion. Okay it's kinda boring. In times like this, if I'm in the office maybe I'm having a good time hacking some stuff not solving stupid questions.

" Miss Manoban, Looks like you have something to share " Miss Dara asked. She's the most terror prof in this university.

" I can't understand the question " I said calmly and just look at her boredly.

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