seventeen; pretty girls only

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C H A P T E R S E V E N T E E N ;

millie's pov;

" y o u p i g ! " i hollered at noah who was stuffing all of my caramel kettle corn into his mouth. "it's not my fault your parents always send the better stuff!" he screamed back, almost choking on a kernel.

i mean he was right, all his parents would send for a care box were cleaning supplies, apple sauce, trail mix, and occasionally a few boxes of candy with a movie or two. my parents on the other hand... they preferred going all out.

huffing and giving up my kettle corn, i snuggled back under the mounds of fleece blankets on his couch. there was never a time when noah didn't try and take my food. "sorry we couldn't go to my place," i said, switching the tv channel.

"you think i wanna be in the middle of sadie and caleb, all smoochy smoochy?! no!" noah said offended, his voice cracking at the end.

i snorted, you'd think college would've gotten rid of his voice cracks but i guess not. "so tell me millster..." noah said mid-chug into his fanta, "i need all the drama," he pried.

i shrugged trying to dig my mind, "i'm dry."

"how about... is jaeden still all, ohhh i'm so hottt and i looovveeee to kiss!" he mocked, making me giggle at his stupid interpretation.

"jaeden is not like that," i defended, and noah burst out in laughter clearly thinking otherwise. "i know you don't like him, but that's my boyfriend you're talking about," i sighed, a grin still evident on my lips.

"but he's so, let me smoke a sick joint," noah tried to explain with mockery once again, which sent me spiraling into giggling by his attempt to seem high.

"never has he once said that," i replied catching my breath, although the interpretation was more accurate than the last one.

sitting down criss-cross beside me, noah waited for me to feed him more action. damn he was good at getting information.

"we're both happier than ever, i told him i loved him a few weeks back and everything is peachy in the land of millie and jaeden. what's new with you?" i exhaled, fixing a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

"what's that?" noah brushed his hand over my face, his finger placed on a patchy scratch in front of my ear.

"fu- it's nothing, my ear was actually bleeding the other day, funny story," i faked, pushing my hair back to cover it nervously.

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