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This day passed peacefully and she is walking to her work place. Today walking into the restaurant, she noticed something was unusual, the people eating were less, and everyone had a worried face. She didn’t know why. She just did what she normally did.



Lines of Limos and people lined up on the street by an ostentatious hotel, waiting for one person.

A pair of leather shoes stepped out of a limo, next came out a person’s long lanky legs covered in his black pants, his movement was fluid, and graceful. Two person wearing black and sunglass stood in front of him.

He looked around; his scorching eyes scanned his current location, a pair of sunglasses covered his eye. One of his hands played with the ring he wore; it was silvery embroiled with an un-deciphered word, in the middle of the ring stood a deep blue colored stone that seemed to be alive.

Right after he stepped out of the car, more bodyguards came off from the lines of car behind, but he didn’t even bother to glance their way. Eyes set forward; he walked toward an ostentatious door.  His long strides were confident, graceful, arrogant, and cold, like everything else was nothing less than an ant in his eyes, like he was the overseer of this world.

As he approached, the door opened automatically, and twenty long rows of servers on each side of the door bowed at the same time. His shoes echoed on the marbled floor. Black suit bodyguard followed behind him. The audience in the hotel was speechless as they watched him, even though they can only see a blurry figure.

His front bodyguard hit a button and his private elevator opened immediately. He stepped in. Ten bodyguards went in with him, and the rest body guarded the second level and the first level. His bodyguard automatically pressed the number for his floor, eighty and the highest level.

“Ding.” The elevator came to a stop, and he walked out, the rest of the people walked behind him. As he walked into a suit, they stood outside, guarding his door.

His suit basically took up the whole floor on that level. It was in one of the most extravagant hotel of the world. The ceiling to floor window almost surrounded the room. Looking out, there was a clear view of the night sky in New York cities.

As he walked around the outer circumference of the room, his hand scraped the class lightly and wherever he touched, dials, number, and data started to appear on the seamless window.

“Boss, the place that you wanted was bought,” a voice came through the window.

“Blacklist everyone who have worked for Maple, and reconstruct the place.” He instructed. Under the dark light a smiled crossed indescribable beautiful face.

His name was Levi.



A/N: Hi :) I just want you guys to know that I write for YOU, and I really hope you will continue reading. If you don't, then I wouldn't have any incentive to update anymore :(

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