Lee Jeong-in

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Lee Jeong-in

I based him of from our stray kids baby I.N. 

He is the older twin by a 10 minutes. Jeong-in is a nice kid but he might seem like an angel he can be very bad too. He is very strong and always want to help his brother but is never allowed to as he is still 12 years old. He want to help his brother in the hospital every time he and his twin go to the hospital he want to help as he knows that the job is very hard. he always looks up to his brother and always watches his oparations. He sees his brother as a hero for taking care for him and his sister. Because he always watches the oparations he knows what to do a lot of times so when something happens at school like someone fainted or had an heart attack he knows howto handle it better than his teachers. so he get scoled alot at school because of that.


charming, cute, carefree, steady hand, smart, clumsy, goes against the rules a lot.

charming: well we can all agree that the original is charming so thats why i kept him charming.

cute: he is 12 years old so he is for sure cute no questions asked.

carefree: he likes to do stuff without thinking, he would love a world without stupid rules.

steady hand: he got this treat because his brother has thaught him some tricks for medical school to his siblings.

smart: he wants to become an elemantary teacher and even though it might seem an easy job you have to be smart and learn a lot so thats why he is smart.

clumsy: he sometimes forget to tie his laces, so he falls down sometimes. he takes a lot of books with him in one time so they useally fall down when he takes them to his seat. he needs a lot of help because of his clumsyness.

goes against the rules a lot: well again his role model is his brother who goes against the rules a lot so he kinda took over that treat as well.

Jeong-in never knew his parents so when he was younger he asked his brother a lot about them to get a picture of how they would be. He is very close to his twin because they don't look similiare at all so nobody believes that they were twins. His twin useally helps him for his clumsyness. because they are so close the got both a pretty simialiare personality. They never fought with each other but love to help each other they both love to help his brother. 

In his first 5 years of his life he spent time a lot in the house of his grandparents he was useally playing games with his granddad or helping with the chores with his brother. he had a very carefree childhood thats why he got a carefree personality.

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