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" Lisa?  You up?  " Jennie now is knocking at Lisa's door.

It is unusual for her because the other didn't went out of her room and it is time already for their class.

" If you'll not open this door I will force myself to get inside "
Jennie said worriedly but there's no response coming from Lisa.

She decided to ask for the keys and opened the door of Lisa's room.

She slowly get inside to see Lisa who is lying stiff on her bed like a dead body.

" Lisa?!  Hey wake up!  " She immediately run her way to tge agent and console her.

" Fuck!  You're burning Lis! " She is still closing her eyes.

" Yahhh.  Talk to me Lis!  What's wrong?"
She heard a beep behind Lisa but she didn't mind it thinking that it was just Lisa's phone.

After the beep Lisa opened her eyes.

" Jennie " she said softly.

" Are you not feeling well?  I'll call for an ambulance. "

" No,  please just ask for Chaeyoung to accompany me " she said in a low voice.

" But- "

" Fuck it Jen!  Just do it now!  " Jennie was surprised with the way Lisa acted,  it is the first time Lisa got impatient like that.  She knew there is something wrong.

" Ok,  but I'll be back later this afternoon " she then left Lisa and call for Chaeyoung.



My duplicate is now at Kim's mansion,  and waiting for Chaeyong.

I can see Chayeyoung approaching it.

" Agent M " she talk.

" Bring my duplicate here at the headquarters,  theres something wrong.  I can't move it "

She immediately nod and proceed.

On their way I can say that I'm loosing signal,  I think there is a malfunction,  but it's impossible they said my duplicate can survive even in a war. (A/N: but maybe can't survive with RubyJane Kim. Hahaha)

" In case they ask for a permit,  just show them my duplicate and meet me asap "

" Okay Agent M "

After that I already lost it.

I'm waiting for an hour until they get in.

" Permission to enter the room " Chaeyoung ask.

" Enter "

As she enter,  she looks nervous.  This is the First time she'll meet me in person.

" Here is your duplicate Agent M,  pleasure to meet you finally. " she showed respect by the use of a salute which I return.

" Please take your seat agent "

I examined my duplicate,  it really looks like me,  except for the button on her back and electrical wires inside its body.

I immediately called for our engineering team.

" Agent M,  you need our help?  "

" Yes,  can you please fix this? "

" Oh.  Your duplicate?  What happened? "

" I tried controlling it early this morning but I can't move it tho I can activate its sight and voice. "

" Looks like this is serious,  we'll do our best to fix it,  but I think it is best to let it rest since you've been using it for 6 years now, right? "

I just nod at them,  they are the engineers so I believe they know what they are suggesting.

They immediately proceed and bring my duplicate.

" So Agent M,  what should I tell Miss Kim? " Chaeyoung ask.  I almost forgot she's with me,  and my subject.

I just can't let my mision fail because my duplicate failed to last. I need to think a solution.

" Bring me to the mansion " I said to Chaeyoung.

" But you're not allowed to interact with others Agent M. " she said worriedly.

" They will not know "

" But- "

" I know you are worried,  but trust me.  It will not be that long,  the engineers are fixing my duplicate and in no time it will be working. "

" Are you sure you can cope up with the outside world?  "

" Yes. What's the difference between interacting using a robot and be using myself? "

" Well it's kinda- "

" Just take me back,  I will be in charge with my subject for now "

I then get my jacket and glasses.



I am now waiting for Lisa,  our workers told me that they went out,  and she looks dead.

I don't know what happened to her,  I'm a bit worried.

I'm standing outside when a car pulled off.

Lisa get out,  but she doesn't look sick at all,  unlike this morning.  One thing i notice is the way she walks, its not that stiff and she's not that pale.

She's wearing glasses  and looks like a real normal agent now.

She slowly walks towards me,  I felt everything became blurred, she's all that I can see.

She's now standing in front of me.

" Good evening Jen " she said in her clear voice.  This is the first time I heard it clear like that,  and I'm liking it.

" Yahhh!  " I hug her immediately and felt her stiffen like she's not use to it. She didn't even relax her body.

I withdraw myself from her she took of her glasses,  I got stunned by her hazel nut eyes.  Isn't this weird?  Well maybe I'm starting to fall in love with her for real. 

I notice everything about her now.

I am staring at her and she avoided my gaze which is unusual. Maybe she really is sick. 

" Come, get inside now its cold " I held her hand and pulled her while smiling like crazy .


THIS IS CRAZY!  I really thought it will be easy but no,  too much skin interaction for tonight!

It's really different in reality,  the way Miss Kim touches me. And the way she look at me.

Even her face,  it's different in person,  and her touch. I wonder her ki- I mean yeah. I am used to see her face in the monitor.

It gives me chills.

Now I'm not sure if it's a good idea to replace my duplicate. I need it back asap.


(A/N: Don't worry,  I will not make this too dramatic,  unlike Her So Called Dongsaeng.  Sorry for the late update.  Kinda busy with school. Hope you like it.)

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