~ive been scared~

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song at the top goes with this chapter fyi so I highly recommend listening as you read or after I guess, either way it's an amazing song

song at the top goes with this chapter fyi so I highly recommend listening as you read or after I guess, either way it's an amazing song

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Your POV:

It had been weeks, Walter woke up last week, and Max and me couldn't have been more relieved.

We had a big pizza party with Tyler when he woke up.
But lately Tyler has been distant.
So I decided to be the one to deliver a pizza and a nice convo this time, he told me his fav is meat lovers.
So here I am, at his doorstep. A pizza in my hands as I nervously tap my foot on his cheesy welcome mat that literally just says
"welcome home" and I look around at all the garden gnomes he has placed about on his porch, shuttering at their creepy faces

The next minute the door was opened to reveal my favorite raven haired boy. Although he was different that I remembered him, he looked like he hadn't showered in forever and his eyes were red and puffy like he'd been crying for months straight.
It broke my heart.

"Tyler are you ok?" I asked and he sighed going to shut the door, but I propped my leg in the way so he couldn't close it

"come on what's going on? We usually tell each other everything, you have me worried sick"

he sighed again opening the door wide and I walked in. His house was small, but nicely decorated. He led me into his living room and I set the pizza on the coffee table

"scooter died y/n... he just..." Tyler started saying as his voice broke

we both sat down as he fiddled with his dogs tag in his hands, tears flowing down his face as he sniffled.

I grabbed one of his hands and laced it with mine and he started rubbing soothing circles on the back of my hand with his thumb.
He suddenly engulfed me into a tight hug that surprised me at first, which made me go stiff but I instantly loosened up and hugged back running my hand through his curls

"so this is why you've been avoiding me?" I asked softly and he ran his hands up and down my back

"yeah, I just.. I didn't want to be around other dogs and they seem to surround you, you volunteer at a shelter, and you live in a house with three of them, I don't know It just hurts so bad y/n. It hurts" He sobs and I notice a framed picture of his german shepherd Scooter on the wall

"y/n I wanna tell you something but i'm afraid you don't feel the same way"

"no go ahead"

"I love you y/n, more than just a friend, i'm in love with you, and you drive me crazy, I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't think, you're on my mind 24/7, I love everything about you. Your smile, your selflessness, your beautiful laugh, your eyes, the way you play with your hair when you're nervous,  or the way you make jokes of depressing things to lighten the mood. I love your terrible taste in pizza" He laughs

"I love you y/n ok, I haven't just been avoiding you because of Scooter, I've been avoiding you because i'm scared"

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