jikook:fuck me(s)

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warnings: omegaverse, heats, dominant kook, slight sadistic kook,


it hit like how one would expect a thunderstorm coming; he knew it would be soon, but he definately wasn't prepared.

especially since his alpha, jungkook, wasn't home.

jimin panted, a sharp pain shooting up his bottom as he tried to sit up from the bed.

slick was beginning to pool around his loose shorts, his face flushed from the sudden pain and need for pleasure.

heaving, the short male grabbed the nearest pillow and rubbed it in between his thighs; jungkook had a rule, he was to never touch himself no matter what, but the omega's mind was too clouded with pain to care.

squeezing his thighs together, jimin reached over to grab his phone, quickly with shaky hands he dialed jungkook's number.

holding the phone to his ear tightly, jimin bit his lip in pain as he pulled off his shorts slightly, before he started palming himself through his boxers.

a small moan escaped the boy's plump lips when finally, jungkook picked up and growled into the phone.

"what do you want? i'm in a meeting-"

"i-i'm in he-heat, pl-please come home. need you,"jimin whimpered, an exasperated sigh leaving his lips again as his oqn hand wasn't enough.

he slipped his small hand into his boxers and pumped himself, but it wasn't enough.

the pain was getting intense, his stomach was pooling and his hand was shaking as it tried to give jimin release.

"are you touching yourself?"came jungkook's fierce growl, and jimin shuddered.

"c-couldn't help it, i'm sorry! hurt too bad-"

"i'm on my way. you better not touch yourself further."

with that, jungkook hung up and jimin threw the phone aside, only to drag down his boxers and pants, throwing those too aside.

he wanted badly to finger himself or at least stroke his aching cock, but he knew that no matter what, the alpha would know.

the punishment would be harsher.

after what seemed like an eternity, the door finally opened to reveal a angry jungkook.


"jimin."jungkook's voice was stern, and jimin's chest was just starting to hurt more.

"j-jungkook,"jimin submitted, as jungkook used his alpha voice."al-alpha, please."

jungkook scoffed,amusement in his eyes, "help with what?"

"k-kookie it hurts! please,"the submissive whimpered, his hands shaking as he slowly lost control and he reached to touch himself, only to be swatted away by the alpha.

"no. i know you're in pain, min, but you must not touch yourself,"jungkook growled, throwing off his shirt and jacket.

omegas could die when in heat and not tended to properly, especially males.

both of them knew that, and yet jimin was about to cry.jungkook had always been a bit of a sadist, and he, obviously, always would admit it.

jimin typically didn't mind,but now, it was all he could think of and he hated it.

"al-alpha please touch me, it hurts so bad, kookie please,"jimin breathed out, the pain was getting unbearable and he clung onto his mate."p-please."

jungkook smirked, he would've made the boy wait, but since it was, in a way, dangerous, he gave in.


jimin managed to smile, before he broke into sweat and let jungkook tear off his loose shirt.

"a-alpha- fuck me."

jungkook grinned,"i won't go gentle."

panting, jimin was pinned down onto the bed by a half naked jungkook, who reached down to stroke jimin's red cock quickly, ensuring he got enough pleasure before he leant down to kiss jimin.

"kook,"jimin moaned, jungkook swallowing all the grunts of pain jimin had as his hand only sped up, jungkook's tongue swirling around the other's.

jimin let out a squeak, his hips jerking up as he tried to get more friction.

jungkook pulled away, taking in jimin's fucked out look; messy hair, flushed face and swollen lips.

"a-alpha please-please fuck me."

jungkook smirked,"lube?"

"n-no,"jimin panted, a particularly rough stroke up his cock sent strings of white over the sheets and jimin visibly relaxed before continuing, shakily,"i- just fuck me, please."

jungkook hummed, kicking off his pants and quickly positioning himself.

without warning, jungkook pushed into the tight hole, moaning at the feeling of the hot cavern around his own hard cock.

"shit,baby,you're so tight."

jimin moaned, clinging onto jungkook's back as he brought up his legs slightly.

the alpha pulled almost all the way out before slamming back in full force,causing jimin to yelp and scream in pleasure.


jungkook groaned as he started to thrust into jimin roughly, and as jimin felt his stomach knot and with a loud moan, he came.

panting,jungkook flipped jimin over and slammed back into him,the position allowing him to hit jimin's prostate.

"a-ah!alpha, fuck feels so good,"jimin clawed at jungkook's back, desperate for more ."p-please-ah!please touch me."

jungkook grunted, his hips stuttering and he reached down to have a firm grip on the omega's cock.

jimin's eyes widened, a silent scream of pleasure escaping those blushed lips of his as jungkook squeezed his cock, finger occasionally digging into the slit of his manhood.

"oh- oh my god, feels so g-ah!so good," jimin whimpered, sweat dripping from his head, his stomach knotted again and he heard jungkook groan.

"fuck, baby, you're so good- you feel so good. i'm close."

jimin let out a moan of intemse pleasure, his cock twitching and sending lines of white onto jungkook's hand.

with one last thrust, jungkook moaned and he felt himself fill jimin up.

they both fell onto the bed, panting, with jungkook still in jimin."o-oh, oh my gosh, feels so f-full.."

jimin's eyes dropped, his breathing  stabilizing as he let jungkook pull out .

the omega felt his mate envelope him into a embrace, and jimin smiled softly, whispering a quick "i love you" before his eyes fluttered shut.

sweet nothings left jungkook's lips, and he himself fell into dreamland.

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