Also this island is quite near to dressrosa. 'well I should join straw hats when they went to dressrosa after all I love the dressrosa arc so much' I thought as I walk around to see if theres anyone here which was stupid of me... It clearly abandoned so of course there's no one here.

"alright so we will train here and you will have to learn your witch craft before joining my crew" he look at me. "um dad, about joining your crew I dont think so I want too" I told him as I finally found a perfect house to live in as I sit on the chair while reading my spell book. "WHAT!? WHY!?" he anime cry. I sweatdropped and told him that I want to join Strawhat instead. "oh you wanna join luffy, he is a great pirate too" he said with a bright smile. I nodded as I thought that he loves luffy too much hahaha and told him that I'll be staying here and train myself, he smile and pat my head.

"Oh I should go for a while, take care of yourself and dont train yourself too hard, Dad have work to do". I smile at him "send my regards to kaido and told him that I'll kick his ass when I see him one day". Shanks shock at my words but he didnt ask because he knows that I know, he pat my head and went to his ship.

I train myself and learn witchcraft for days, I'll learn haki when shanks comes back and everytime there are pirates and marines comes here I hide myself but there are times that they try to kill and attack me so I make them suffer in my baby shadow portal. Since they were hungry so why not give them some food. I know I'm too nice hahaha.

While I was flying around the island, I didnt see the newspaper bird because I was too fast that he bump onto my broom, I went to the bird and ask if he is alright and he just nodded, so as an apology I buy the newspaper as he fly to his next destination.

I hop onto my broom and went to the village, its been 3 weeks since I come here and a lot of things happen. I sit down on the rooftop and read the newspaper.

"The execution for the fire fist ace will be tomorrow as we all see the son and will of gol. D. Roger ends tomorrow"

I read the content and got pissed off, "ace is a nice and great person and they just... Ugh stupid, so cruel!? " I got mad and crumple the newspaper which I dont know why I was so mad maybe because ace is one of luffy brother or because he's hawt. 'luffy must be on his way there, but even if i were to be there... I cant really do anything' I sigh at my thought and look at the crumple newspaper and I see something which caught my attention. I pick it up back and read it.

"Here is our latest news, we recently hear of a witch, we dont know if she is a pirate or not but she kill 600 pirates, 4 admirals, and 500 marines. She is known as *The Goddess Flying Witch*, currently staying in some abandoned island, which we dont know what the island name is. she is extremely beautiful and also the one and only daughter of the red hair pirates captain, Akagami no shanks. Anyone who hear her name would run, shivers, scared as we dont know what her power is. Her name is Mariana D. Mizuna with a bounty of $700,000,000 berry. But she is pretty nice though and kind too"

 But she is pretty nice though and kind too"

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