Chapter 2

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Author notes:

Hello there guys, here is Continuation from chapter 1, hope you enjoy the story and sorry if it sucks. Anyway let's get into it. Oof


mizuna pov:

I'm standing in the middle of the ship while surrounded by the red hair pirates crew, and without my dad around, it's quite a heavy atmosphere. Is it always like this, and here I thought they were a fun and taking it easy type of people.

"so you are our captain daughter?" someone ask me. I nodded at him and stay quiet. Argh, dad hurry up and come here its really awkward. "hey I'm back zuna chan" as he lift me up and i hit his head "dad, put me down its embarassing" he put me down and rub his hurt head "hahaha, I'm so happy you're finally here and your mom was quite worried though".

I smile at him "yes, yes, and how do you know I'm here? Did you and mom communicate telepathically!?". Shanks laugh "no, we contact each other time to time by using this, the den den mushi". Shanks told me to call my mom and I told her that I'm fine and she told me that she used to be a witch too so she can guess that I'm a witch too, I sweatdrop and told her that she is right I ended the call by saying that I'll be back and she told me to have fun. As I ended the call, I think ben ask shanks a question "now that your daughter is here, what are we gonna do". I pout at him "I have name okay!".

Lucky roo eat his chicken and ask me my name. "oh, my name is mariana D. Mizuna, a witch in training, also a very kind and nice witch, nice too meet you all" I bow to them all. "SHE IS THE OPPOSITE OF SHANKS!? SO POLITE!?" they all scream, which it scares me but I'm relieved that they finally speak normally. Shanks laugh and said that it was rude of them, I chuckles "well yes, my mom been teaching me to be polite to people, I guess it was a habit, by the way why did you guys stay quiet when I come here?". All of them nod and yassop answer my last question "because your dad over there warn us not to talk to you until he comes back" I glares at shanks and he just look away from me.

I sigh but then smile at all of them "well anyways, please do take care of me" I bow my head a bit, all of them said that its time for a party. I told them that I dont drink but a cup of tea would be delighted. As they party all day but without knowing that ace execution is getting near to its date.


Currently I'm on the same island as where I come before, shanks told me that its an abandoned island which he dont know why its abandoned but pirates and marines sometimes come here to get supplies so be careful. I nodded and look around the island as I saw an empty and old village. Which is perfect for me to lives in and train myself here.

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