chapter two

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I have known Malik since grade 7, but we never talked or even attempt to like we are totally different! Like I'm extrovert okay I know I seem to hate everything and I have some traits that seems like I am a bitch at this point but I'm not yeah I have opinions everyone has one. I do think this school have too much drama that is not required but every high school does. A bit of a side note I HATE MORNINGS so when I wake up I hate everything but as I get more into the day I get nicer😊

This morning was just weird...

With the zayn guy's stare and smirk it just I don't know it made me a bit intimidated and just not safe

Hope this year is gonna be chilled out one. why do I feel otherwise ughhh this guy is getting to my head ! Fuck it Samiya this guy has nothing on you chill !

I was in my English class with a gal named Emma she was nice like she was normal and simple I liked that she was a friend/acquaintance like basically I am friends with the majority of the school at least everyone knows me somehow but I have only three best friend Niall and Liam (has a car and comes late) and Harry  (childhood best friend ,goes to different school ) we are basically the golden trio(ni,liam,me ) of course there are the high school royalties but I believe people like us more cause we are like less cocky bitchy verse of them and we don't treat them like peasants but whatever they are very nice to me I can't complain

Dani, Eleanor and perrie yup the school royalties 🙄 "the plastics" typical I know tell me about it! Ugh I need drugs! Just kidding I just wanna bum a smoke and nothing is going on in English boringggg! I pull out my phone and text niall who is in class with Liam ugh luckyyy!

Sam💕:hey wanna go and bum a smoke?

Ni👶:sorry babe we are given a assignment🙁

I sigh ,me myself and I is all I got..

Sam💕:oh... it's okay🙁

Ni👶: sorrrryyy now I gotta run before I get caught using my phone love youu💙

I giggle I loved this boy so much cuteee

Sam💕:it's okayyyy, tell li that I said HI! I love youuu too💙

I grabbed my lighter and one fag cause it's just me and turn to Mr alec
"Sir may I go to the washroom?" He turn to me and said "I don't see why not *smiles* go ahead " he is a sweetheart he is my favourite teacher

I go to the opposite side of the school by the fence it's the smoking zone in school made by students I guess like the principle just didn't discover this place yet hehe I sit down in the grass exhaled I miss my parents... it's just getting more lonely day by day and from an young age I have always been taught to be strong and to not be expressive, to be happy,bubbly and full of life basically fake cause life isn't rainbows and butterflies it's hard and when it hits you, and your about to fall unfortunately there is no one to catch you fall and it's ridiculous how much of a close book I am even tho I seem to be opened a-

"Why are you crying Samiya? " a deep voice cuts my thought I didn't even realised I was , I slowly touch my face my hand comes in contact with warm tears I tried to chuckle but my voice cracked "I- I  am f-f-fine" finally looked up to the person. was it a surprise that zayn Malik is here in the smoking zone? nope. was it embarrassing that he caught me crying? definitely!

He shrugged and sighed "not my business" I sigh relief and nod "thank you..." he nod as a welcome "zayn" pulled out his hand to hand shake
I smiled "I know" and shook his hand, he smirk playfully "oh so you keep records " I rolled my eyes "so do you apparently" he replied " Who doesn't know You William? Ms popular " then I looked ahead " oh shut up" silence... he asked again "Why are you here ? You smoke?" I turn to him then turn straight "yeah" he nudge her arm "then smoke up sadness fades away temporarily " she smiles takes out her fag and lits it up and takes a drag inhaling nicotine and relaxes leaning against the wall . We hear faint bell rings hinting classes ended.

Buzz buzz

Text from payno🏋♾

I smiled lightly and opened the text

Payno🏋♾: babe where are You? I miss youuu!

Sam💕: I miss you too I'm by the fence,smoking I'm coming where are you guys!?

Payno🏋♾: nialler got hungry AS ALWAYS! so we are in the cafè! Want me to come and pick you up?

I look at zayn who was looking at me in confusion.liam will get worked up for no reason,I sigh

Sam💕: no need li,im coming 5 mins. Love you❤

Payno🏋♾:okayyy llove you too ❤

I turned to zayn...i can't keep doing this I never lie to my friends I have to stop "I need to go" I get up so does he as I walk away he shouts " why does this feel like the last time I'm seeing you " I turn and smirk " Because it is goodbye Malik " he shake his head assumed "we will see about that, see ya later William." And waves, I roll my eyes then leave.

I entered the cafè walk through there wave to few people ,greeting were exchanged then I see my best friends I faintly smile as I see them goofing off  I reach them "Hey goofballs" I greeted them then Liam attracts me with a hug. Awww  and he replied "Hey sam!I missed you so much" he was sick for two days and I couldn't visit him. I cooed "I missed you too li ,are you feeling better?" He smiled and nod. niall then turned to me "Hey bub." I smiled and "sup bitch" as li laughed and niall rolled his eyes. Then out of nowhere we started talking about the Mandela effect!it's a fuck up I swear!

Even tho we are debated about something I just can't seem to get rid of the thought of the gorgeous raven haired hazel eyed bad boy. Why am I so curious so intrigued about a breathtaking troublesome bad boy that's not me is it? I shouldn't get myself into this mess.

This needs to stop.

Hey guys I hope you guys like this chapter ❤

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