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I currently find myself in front of my best friends Verena and Roxy. Who were just shocked into silence. "My mom has already called your parents and its a all go." Roxy grined hugely "We actually get to go to Scotland with you." excitement poured out of her "We can finally see you in action Sorcha. And not over you tube videos" I rolled my eyes as I chuckled. For as Long as I can remember I go to my grandparents in Scotland during the summer. Where they throw a huge festival. Where our clan and some surrounding clans help to put on sword fights and mock battles. It really neat and fun. However since the only boy in the family is my four year old cousin Kane. I have taken over the role of warrior. Since my other cousins prefer the gowns and pretty things. Which I don't mind at all I like doing it. "So when do we leave?" I smiled "tomorrow..Don't worry the clothes you have with you will be enough. My grandmother has made you all gowns. You guys will be helping with the festival." they both jumped off the bed and tackled me into a hug. We landed on the ground in a huge heap of laughter. My mother came in through the door chuckling as she seen us on the ground. "I take it you told them." I nodded and helped Verena off the ground. "You three are so different but the same." I smiled as I looked at my two friends. My mom was right we all were different. Verena was the shortest. She was lighter skinned compared to Roxy or I. She has Short black hair that is cut into a bob and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. As for Roxy She had fire engine red hair that reaches past her mid back. Courtesy of her sister who is a hair dresser. Hazel eyes and is the same hight as me. She is a bit tan from working with her mom at her farm. I have platinum blond hair with red tips the reachs mid back. I have light green eyes. I have a peacock quill tattooed on my fore arm. Lilies going up my right leg. a flowering peach tree on my back. I also have a sword with roses on my side. We all look completely different but act almost the same. Verena is more shy then Roxy or I. "Alright off to bed you three. We have to be up extremely early tomorrow. We have a two hour drive to the air port." We all nodded and headed of to bed. Where we stayed up talking about the festival and my family. My mother came in and hustled us out the door. With us opting to say in our pajamas for the flight. Much to my mothers horror. We finally slept on the flight and didnt wake until we landed. As we entered the airport I looked for my grandfather. Finally spotting him by the luggage I pulled my friends through the crowds of people. Coming to a stop when my grandfather scooped me up. I laughed as he put me down. His green eyes sparkling with laughter at my friends "Sorcha you didn't tell us that your grandfather was a gaint." Verena whispered. My grandfathers booming laugh had people looking at us with smiles as they pass. "Im no gaint Lass." My grandfather smiled down at me and my friends. While my grandfather was no gaint he might as well be one. He towered over most at Six feet seven inches. It was almost comical to see him with my grandma who was only five feet. That is until you seen how much they love each other. "Is everyone here yet grandpa." He smiled and nodded "Everyone is here. Your grandmother has been cooking all day making a feast for all of you." all of us smiled at the thought of food. We piled into my grandfathers truck and headed off. As we reached the castle I could hear my friends gasp. It was beautiful it was set in the middle of a huge clearing with the woods surounding it. "Its gorgeous." Roxy and Verena whispered out. "Welcome to Macleod keep lassies" I smiled at my friends as they looked out the window with wonder. My grandfather pulled to a stop outside the front door. As we piled inside we could smell my grandmothers cooking. All our stomachs growled in hunger which left my grandfather laughing. "Lets head to the kitchen. Your grandmother will have my arse if I let you waste away." He bent down and whispered to us. We all chuckled but followed him. As we entered the kitchen my grandmother was humming and my two cousins Treva and Venila were at that the table laughing. Leoma and Kane were no where to be seen. Smiling I walked over to my grandmother and hugged her from behind. "Hey grams everything smells wonderful." My grandmother turned and hugged me back. She stepped back grinning "Well I bet it does with your stomach growling like a

beast." My grandmother showed me over to the side as she hit my grandfather twice with the hand towel she held. "Fergus Macleod i should box your ears for not stopping and letting these lasses eat." She hit him again with the towel as my grandfather just grinned "I was in a hurry to eat your cooking Divina." My grandmother blushed "Daft old man." Grandfather chuckled and kissed my grandmother on the cheek. "Now they must be Verena and Roxy." she pulled them both into a hug and pulled away to look at them both. "Well I say we will have the most beautiful girls in the Macleod clan." Roxy smiled "Thank you Mrs. Macleod." Verena nodded "Thank you also for inviting us Mr and Mrs. Macleod. Its extremely beautiful here and we are excited to see the festival. So we can finally see Sorcha in action." I rolled my eyes as my grandmother laughed. "you can call me gram. None of that Mrs makes me feel old. As for Sorcha she is a sight to see. Although her mother didnt think it was a good idea." Both of my friends looked surprised. "Really Momma Flora didn't seem like she was against it." My grandmother smiled "Now she isn't but when Fergus started teaching Sorcha it was an all out battle." I nodded as I reached out to grab a roll. Only to have fling across the room as Kane ran into the back of my legs. "Sor!" I scooped him up and kissed his cheek. Leoma came in looking tired and out of sorts. "Kane you have to be careful." Leoma scaled the boy who turned sheepish "Sorry mommy I was excited." Leoma smiled slightly and ruffled his hair. "Come on lets eat." We all sat around the table and passed the food around. "Sor who are the pretty girls." I laughed at Kane as he stared at Roxy and Verena. "They are Roxy and Verena." He nodded and waved "Im Kane." Both of them smiled and waved back. "Guys this is leoma Kanes mom. And that's Treva and Venila." I pointed at each of my cousins in turn. Hi's and waves were exchanged. We finished our meal only to have Grams bring out deasert. "I got word today that the Macbains will be coming to the festival." All of us stopped what we were doing besides Verena,Roxy and Kane. Who where just giving us wierd looks. "Is it bad they are coming." Roxy asked us all. I shook my head "No we are just surprised they are that's all. They never come to the festival. They are very secluded. They never venture out past their lands." Treva nodded in agreement "Some of the local folklore says some of their clan are warewolves. Some of the locals are afraid of them. So I wouldn't expect lot of locals at the festival this year." Venila shook her head "They'll show its one of the only entertainment around." Leoma frowned "Hopefully they won't be sleezy as some of the Graham boys are." I smiled "Hopefully I'll have some compition this year. As for the Grahams who all is coming?" I asked as my grams set some cake in front of me. Treva pointed her fork at me "Well Tavish is coming I hear." I rolled my eyes "Great the biggest di...jerk of them all." I changed what I was going to say as my grandmother gave me a warning look. "Also Caley,Coby, Brodric and a few others. Basicly the same people as always." My grandmother snorted "If it wasn't for the tradition of inviting all the clans They wouldn't be coming. Always chasing after your skirts. And Im sure they'll make a pass at Roxy and Verena. And its only the Macleod women they're after." There was no argument with what grams said it was all true. We practically had to beat them with sticks. As for Tavish he was the worst of them all and lucky for me. He has taken a huge liking to me. When we had finished dinner we headed of to my room to unpack and get settled. Leoma and Kane split off to head to bed much to Kane displeasure. Treva and Venila followed us wanting to talk longer. We put our bags on the bed and pulled out our pajamas. Taking turns in the bathroom we finally began unpacking. "I wonder why The Macbains decided to come?" I shrugged as I put some clothes in a dresser. "They may want to put the rumours to rest about them." Roxy suggested as she came out of the bathroom. Treva frowned as she came to sit beside me on the bed. "They do fund the festival they might want to see what grandfather has been doing." Verena paused as she pulled some clothes from her bag. "Wait they help fund this festival but have never came? Isn't that a bit weird to you?" I looked over at Treva and Venila who shrugged "When we where younger we did but as we became older we honestly didn't think about it." Treva and Venila stood up and headed out. "See you all tomorrow. Grams will have all our costumes out tomorrow." I smiled and nodded all of us exchanging good nights.

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