Chp 19:

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As I walk into my penthouse, I find my brother sitting on my couch, his feet propped up on my coffee table, I narrow my eyes at him.

So that's how it feels.

"Eli what are you doing?" I say slamming my door shut.

"Oh hey, bro! Sup?" he said giving me a wicked grin.

"You didn't answer my question. I asked you what you're doing here?" I say raising my voice.

"Relax man, take a chill pill. What's your problem anyways?" he asked positioning himself on my couch for more comfort.


"What did Tessa do?" my eyes shot to his face "Why would you think she did anything?"

"Nick, dude. Let's face it, ever since the two of you have should I put this being each others "slam pieces" you have acted way different." my mouth fell open at his comment.

"Slam pieces? Seriously Eli?" now I was annoyed.

"Am I wrong? It's not like you two have a title, she isn't your girlfriend, you're not her boyfriend. Yet you two are super affectionate toward one an other."

I plopped down on my couch, lean my head back and sigh.

He wasn't wrong, was he?

"For real though man, what happened?"

"When did you start to care about my problems?"

"Oh I don't...I just need something to pass the time while I wait for Serena to call."

Of course, another girl. In the last week or so I'd say he has gotten with five girls, he makes me sick and that's coming from me.

"So tell me Mr. Piercy, what seems to be the problem?" he says in a fake british accent as he leans back and cups his hands together in the middle of his lap to look sophisticated.

I roll my eyes at the sight of him.

"I took Tessa back to her apartment, and she took a nap and after she woke up and was feeling better, we went into her living find two men standing there. Her father...and her ex boyfriend." I say bitterly.

"Ahh..go on." I glare at him

"Anyways..we all end up going out for dinner, her sister, mother, father, aunt and this guy, her ex..named Drew."

"Half of dinner, they were talking about all of their old memories from when they dated, he said he missed them." I said looking down at my hands.

"This sounds oddly familair, doesn't it?" Eli says.


"Do you recall, when Mackenzie got in touch with you, she said she missd you..etc. But you made it clear to her that you were seeing someone...Tessa, you told me Tessa got jealous..blah blah blah. See where I'm going with this?" I stared at him blankly.

"It's a jealousy problem, bro. You're jealous of this new guy."

"I am not. He isn't a new guy, he's an old guy..."

"It doesn't matter if he's new or old..he is getting under your skin."

"He is not."

"Is too."

"Is no-You know what I don't need this, thanks for the session though Dr. Phil." I say standing up and walking into my kitchen to grab something to drink.

"If you're not jealous than admitt that you would be okay if the two of them got back together..I mean considering he is her old boyfriend..and you two aren't techincally an item." he says turning around to face me.

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