Chapter 2

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Camila point of view

"And this is the field, where me and my teammates play football" Shawn said and I smiled at him. "And that's about it. I'll walk you to the front"

"No it's fine, but thank you for the tour Shawn, I really enjoyed it. Bye" I waved to him before Walking to the front of the school where the parking lot is.

I was about to leave the parking lot when someone called my name. "Umm Hey Camila" I turn around to see Y/N.

"Listen Y/N I really not looking for trouble so could you maybe just leave me by myself?" I asked and she huffed.

"I'm not here to give you a hard time Camila! I'm here to apologize to you for what I did in first period. I really didn't mean it, I'm just way to gay for my own good" she said and I giggled. "I didn't mean to embarrass you...really! So please don't let this be weird, because I want to be your friend" the beautiful girl said and my heart fluttered.

"Oh well thank you Y/N and I except you apology" I said and she smiled. We sat there in awkward silence until she said something.

"So I'm do you need a ride home? Because I could take you...only if you want" she asked and I smiled at her nervousness. It made her look cute.

"Umm please?" I said and she smiled before leading me to her car. I told her my address and next thing I know,
We are in front of my house. "Thank you Y/N, tell Lauren I said hi, and also your eyes are beautiful" I said before running to my house and walking in.

I smiled as soon as I walked in and I noticed my parents were looking at me weirdly. "What?" I asked and they just walked away.

"We are leaving and sofi is at her aunts house, we will be back in a week or so from the business trip" they said and I just nodded.

I ran up to my room and put on a pair of shorts and just stayed in my bra. I put my phone on the charger and decided to FaceTime Dinah.

"Dinah!! Oh my god I had such a good day!" I yelled and she laughed.

"I thought you had a horrible day because Y/N ruined it?"

"Yeah but she also made it better. She's so cute, I just HAD to forgive her" I said and I smiled.

"Well Thanks for the compliment" I heard Y/N voice and then I see her in the camera.

"Oh my god that's embarrassing" I said and I felt my face get hot.

"Don't be embarrassed" she said with a laugh and I smiled. She makes me smile.

I heard someone knock on the door and I ran downstairs to open it. I seen Dinah, Lauren and Y/N there looking at me like I had 2 heads.

"What?" I asked and they pointed at my chest. Good job Camila, you just opened the door with a bra and shorts on. "Oh Jesus I'm sorry" I said and I covered my chest. "Just come in and wait"

I ran back upstairs and put a baggy shirt on before coming back downstairs with the girls.

"Sorry about that, I'm home alone so I just got comfortable"

"Mm I didn't mind at all" Y/N said and I blushed hard.

"Leave her alone!" Lauren elbowed her sister and I sat next to Dinah on the sofa.

"So why did you guys just pop up at my house?" I asked and they all just shrugged.

"The twins were with me so they just tagged along" she answered and I nodded. "We also brought our bathing suits so let's get in the pool!!"

"Ok but hold on, I'm gonna change" I said and I went upstairs and stripped. I looked through my drawers until I found a bikini and put it on. I grabbed towels for all of us and headed to the backyard where the girls were already I the pool. I sat down for a second and watched them.

I seen Y/N in her swim shorts and I don't know why but it turned me on so much. I crossed my legs trying to make the feeling go away but it didn't help.

"Jesus Y/N your such a dick!!" Lauren yelled and she laughed.

"Well I do have one" she said back and I choked. WHAT!!!?

"Wait what? Is that even possible!?" I asked and she got out of the pool and walked towards me.

"Yeah it is, wanna see if for proof?" She asked with a smirk and I Took a deep breath.

"No thank you, I-I believe you" I said and I walked past her and got into the pool. I swam to Dinah and got on her back.

"Is that true Dj?" I asked her as she swam around and she nodded. "Wow"

"How was the tour with Shawn?" She asked and I smiled. Aww Shawn.

"It was great, he's so nice and caring. He's cute too. I like that he's nice to me" I said and Dinah smiled.

Y/Ns point of view

"He's cute too. I like that he's nice to me" Camila said and I huffed. Fuck Shawn! He's such a fuckboy and she doesn't even know it.

"Mm FUCK!!!" I yelled and everyone looked At me. "Fucking pussy!"

"Umm you ok Y/N/N?" Lauren asked me and I took a deep breath before Getting back in the pool. "Yeah I'm fine, just a little frustrated"

"Camila?" She asked and I nodded slowly. "Don't worry, you'll save her from Shawn and she'll fucking love you!"

"It's too early for that but whatever, I'm going inside" I said as I grabbed a towel and dried off before going inside. I sat on the sofa and just scrolled through Instagram.

Camila's point of view

"So what were you guys doing when you were at your house Dinah?" I asked and she suddenly started cracking up.

"I threw the football to Y/N and when she went to catch it she fell on top of this old man, but you know she's sweet as hell. He helped the guy get up and walked him home" she finished and I got butterflies. She's so sweet.

"Wait where is she anyway, she hasn't been here for a while" I said and we got out and Lauren came up to us.

"She got a little frustrated about something so she went inside to cool down" Lauren said and I went inside to see her on the sofa.

"Hey, umm you ok?" I asked and she looked up from her phone and smiled at me.

"Yeah I'm fine, I was just a little crazy earlier so I needed some time to myself" she said and I put my legs on her lap and laid down on the sofa.

"You wanna watch a movie with me?" I asked and she smiled at me and nodded. We picked finding Dora and I got really comfortable with her.

I was now laying my head on her lap as we watched the movie together while the girls still played in the pool. I popped up when my phone rang.

"Yay Shawn" I said and picked up the phone. Correct me if I'm wrong but I swear I seen Y/N roll her eyes.

"Hi mila" Shawn said and I smiled widely.

"Hi Shawn, why'd you call me?" I asked.

"Ice cream? Are you busy right now?" He asked. I looked at Y/N who had a straight face and wasn't even looking at me. I huffed before Answering.

"Yeah, I'm kinda having a movie date with someone right now" I said.

"Oh really? Who?" He asked and I looked at Y/N who was now looking at me but still with a straight face.

"Y/N, I'll talk to you later but thanks" I said before hanging up and playing the movie again. I laid my head back in Y/Ns lap and looked up at her.

"I'm sorry about that" I said and she rubbed her eyes. "It's fine, I know you guy are like really good friends now"

"Yeah but your also my friend, so I canceled on ice cream. And be happy cause I really like ice cream" I said and she laughed.

"Well this was fun but me and Lauren have to go" she said and started to stand up but I grabbed her hand.

"Stay?" I asked and she kinda froze. "My parents are gone for 2 weeks and I'm alone. Stay please?"

To be continued

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