Chapter 3

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Present Day

Kenzie's POV

The next morning I woke up still worried about my mom and sister. They didnt say anything after they learned the truth. I went into the kitchen and my mom and sister stopped talking.

"Clearly this is about me." I say.

"Well kinda, but not like in a bad way." Rory says.

"Yeah. We were just wondering why you didnt tell us. That all hun." Mom says.

"Im sorry. I wanted to, but I didnt know how to tell you. I got scared." I say.

"I know the feeling hun. Though you know Im not my mother I wouldnt force anything on you. Honey we love you and we will do this together." She says.

"Im just scared I mean what happens when everyone finds out?" I ask.

"We dont know, but how far along are you?" Rory asks.

"Oh about three and half months or so." I say.

"Well hun I think you can tell people now. Just choose your people wisely." Mom says.

After everyone got ready for the day we headed to Luke's and I went over to him.

"Can I talk to you in your apartment?" I ask.

"Sure." Luke says.

I headed up with him to his apartment and one look at Jess's bed made me upset.


"It is very very noisy in here." I say.

"Yeah I know Im gonna go crazy." Jess says.

"Well dont take any power tools and go mad." I say.

"Yeah I wont. You should come see it when its finished." He says.

"I will." I say.

I then left and headed home since it was going to be a Rory and I only not. Though that changed when Paris arrived. Then a delivery that wasnt pizza.

"Hey." Jess says.

"Rory ordered Indian food and I ordered a pizza." I say.

"Well have some burgers while you wait." He says and walked inside.

Rory got nervous that Jess was here because she knew Dean and Jess didnt get along.

"This is alot of food. My mom is only gone one night." I say.

"Well Luke wasnt sure how long she was gone for." He says.

He placed the food down and looked at me for a moment and I didnt want to be rude so.

"You want to stay and have some?" I ask him.

"Sure." He says.

Rory and Pairs joined us as well, but when Rory got a call she got nervous and pulled me aside.

"Dean is on his way over." Rory says.

"So..." I say.

"So Jess and Dean dont like one another remember." She says.

"Look Rory, Jess is my friend and I like that he is here. If Dean has a problem he has to deal with it." I say.

She looked at me for a moment and then she got a concerned look on her face.

"You like Jess. Thats why you dont want him to leave. Please Kenz I dont want to fight with Dean." She says.

"Okay." I say.

"Thank you." She says.

I went over to Jess and pulled him up by his arm making him come with me to the door.

"Im sorry, but you have to go now." I say.

"Why? Do you not want me here?" He asks.

"Jess, Dean is coming over and I dont want Rory to get into trouble." I say.

"But you want me to stay?" He questions.

"Well yeah..." I say.

"Where's your room?" He asks.

"Upstairs." I say.

"Would Dean go up there?" He asks.

"No." I say.

He then walked up the stairs and I followed him and the he stopped.

"Okay three doors. Rory has a room downstairs so let me guess. One is the bathroom, One is your mom's room, and one is yours." He says.

"Well my room says my name on it if that helps you." I say.

He smiled at me and went into my room. I followed behind him and closed the door.

Present Day

"So what did you need to talk about?" Luke asks.

"I wanted you to hear this from me before the whole town says something." I say.

"And what will that be?" He asks.

"Im... Im... Okay I can do this. Im pregnant Luke and its Jess's baby." I say.

His face froze and I just didnt recognize Luke in this moment. If his reaction is this my father's will most likely be the same and my grandparents are gonna be so much worse.

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