I am leaving

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Troubled times these are,
And I am running away.
I fear I am a coward,
But I am not the only one today.

I had the urge,
And I had it strong,
It's more complicated,
Than a walk in the damned mall.

Tell me please,
Tell me who I am.
I have lost sense of the world,
With a kiss from the damned.

Life as I speak,
I am afraid to be.
I am afraid where I'll go,
I am afraid where I'll be.

I wanted to do it all,
I want to do it still.
But there are things which prevent me.
Those thing matter to me still.

The want for me,
The want to change,
What is it,
But now just a stifled rage.

Give me lordship,
Give me so.
For I am defeated,
Before the snow.

I had seen the spark around,
I had myself breathed the air,
But not so daring I am letting it go,
I see now, that everything that I saw,
Was for nothing, but show.

They told me,
They told me yes.
They told me that they believed it as well,
They told me they'd do it,
They told me that it's okay.

But there I stood standing,
Towards the grey,
The dark blood which covered my skin,
Was of nobody's,
But it came from within.

I was in love,
And I am in love still,
But tell me why was it?
Why was it that I had to be the one,
To be ill?

My lover doesn't know it yet,
But I am dying from deep within,
The fear and the anxiety,
With the mixed raged
And the obscure treachery,
They are all wounding me,
Wounding me still.

I had nothing but ashes,
Before I joined in.
But now I look at it,
Even they have scattered in the wind.

Help me, for I am alone,
And this loneliness is dragging me.
Help me, for an individual surviving,
Feels like insanity.

I am going crazy I know,
But this is a thing,
That I am not allowed to show.

I am leaving not cause I didn't care,
I am leaving not cause I didn't love.
I am leaving because there was nothing,
Nothing that I have got.

They burned it,
They burned it in the fire.
They justified it as truth.

They called me blasphemy,
They called me a liar,
They called me a Satanist,
And they cursed my soul on the fire.

But I didn't preach,
I am not a prophet.
All I did was read,
And they had a problem in it.

I know what I read was true,
I know what I was learning didn't harm,
But what it did, yes it did,
What it did, was give people the truth.

A too big of a word,
Too big of a thought,
Too evil of the lot.

They burned it all,
They ripped me.
They burned it all,
They killed me.

They killed me deep inside,
Now that I am dead,
I can hide.
Now that I am dead,
They tell me, they will let me,


The Dead Revolutionary

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