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One shot. Two shots. Three shots. The bullets sliced through her chest and stomach and her knees gave away, body collapsing to the floor. She desperately tried to pull herself up, hands bloodied. Her blood seeped out of her body as she pulled herself into a sitting position.

She didn't look me in the eye. Just stared at the floor, hands cupped together. Waiting to die.

"Might wanna lie down," I said.

She ignored me and continued on staring at the floor. Her blond hair now had blood stains on the ends, and the life in her eyes slowly started to seep away.

"You're sick," she said. There was no distasteful twist to her words. They were empty, emotionless.

I didn't respond.

"Out of all the damn people." She shook her head. "It just had to be you."

"Life can be unfair sometimes."

"No shit. You think I didn't already know that?"

"Oh, I know you know."

Silence. Then she said, "Bri will find you. I know she will."


"You'll rot in a jail cell. Maybe even die. I hope it's the latter."

"Maybe I will."

"You don't care?"

"Not at all. And while Brianna tries to find me, I can reveal some tricky little secrets." An evil grin spread across my face. "Even yours. And, eventually, hers."


Just as she said that, her body fell to the floor. Her eyes went wide and her body went limp. I put my gloved fingers to her neck. No pulse. She was dead.

I straightened and swung my gun around, chuckling. Too bad she had died before I could tell her all her sister's evil little secrets. It would have been fun to tell someone now. At least it wouldn't be long before they were exposed to the world. And poor little Brianna will rot in a jail cell just like I will, if I don't die first. And if she doesn't die first.

The world is a cruel and evil place. And Brianna Duncan of all people should know that. After all, she's part of the problem.

Published 01/03/19

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