Chapter 5

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He's just cooking me dinner like it's nothing, like it's no big deal. Like he isn't the first person who's ever done that for me.


My eyes snapped back up to meet his and I realised I had done it again, I had zoned out completely. This always happened when I was young, i would go into a state of null daydreaming that would go on for up to fifteen minutes at a time. It was part of the reason I couldn't work..or drive..or pretty much do anything that involved heavy machinery.

"Are you alright?" Kia was looking back at me with an expression full of worry. Smiling I simply nodded and caught some plates from the top shelf of my kitchen cupboard "yeah, I'm fine. Sorry about that" I didn't feel the need to explain my full medical history to him, I mean he's only here because I paid for him to be. He's not actually concerned about me or anything.

The guy knew nothing about me and I knew nothing about him, it was really weird to have someone who doesn't know a single thing about you hang out in your house and make you dinner.
I laughed a little to myself, and his head turned to check on me again but he quickly looked back to the crepes he was making before he spoke "does that happen a lot? The zoning out thing I mean.."
Setting the plates onto the table I took a glance in his direction "sometimes" fixing a set of forks and knives beside them "it's complicated..." I muttered out.
He let it drop after that which I was more than grateful for "you like lemon and sugar on your crepes?" Kai asked and my smile widened with a low snort "what? You put that on yours?" He grinned and set the plate of delicious looking thin crepes in the middle of the table and nodded, wiping his hands on a towel "oh yeah, it's amazing! Sour and sweet at the same time" he winked at me and I chuckled "I've never heard of anyone using that before"
Kia smiled "well do you have any lemon and we can give it a go?" He turned around looking toward my cupboards and opening one of the spice ones.
I smiled, this guy was already so easy to talk to, pretty good looking too. It was so relaxing to have him around "top shelf, behind the beans. I don't really use it too much so it's kinda stuffed away back there."
Kia rummaged for a moment and pulled the lemon juice out, setting it in the middle of the table "alright, you gotta try it, but I'm gonna make one for you first so you do it right" Kai smiled that adorable cheeky grin and poured some sugar from the sugar bowl over the crepe.
I sat just under him, his arm over me as he added the lemon and began to fold it into a triangle shape over and over until it was rolled up.

I flushed red when he leaned down more, his chest against my back "open up you and take a bite, it's delicious I swear" he hummed in my ear. I exhaled a shaky breath, hiding my red face I slowly opened my mouth to take it in and took a small bite.

The flavor burst in my mouth, he was so right! Sweet and sour, two at once both tangy and smooth.
I practically purred in delight as I hadn't eaten properly in a day or two "oh man~" I hummed out a happy moan "it's so good~" taking the crepe from his hand, Kia looked down at me, and i swore i saw him bite his lower lip.

He had a look in his eyes that faded quickly, so fast i wasn't sure I had even seen it to begin with " I'm glad you like it gorgeous"


He's joking right?

I knew I was as red as a tomato at this point, but there was no hiding it now. He more than likely knew I found him attractive, but calling me gorgeous?

"How long have you worked for Timeless?" I asked, curious about my new friend. Maybe I could get a part time job there too, and go make a load of friends that actually like me. It seemed like Kia was a genuinely nice person, you probably had to go through some interviews but you never know!

Kia's demeanor changed quickly, he sat down across from me with a more professional look on his face than before and I worried i had hit a chord somehow. He reached for a crepe and the lemon juice, sprinkling sugar on first "about five years or so.."

Smiling I reached for it back and set up my next one with lemon, still nibbling on the first "do you meet a lot of people every day?" In a job where you keep people company he must've met everyone from old people to people like me.

Kia glanced at me and smiled, it seemed a little less...real this time. There was a hint of another emotion I couldn't quite put my finger on "sometimes, I can have up to five clients a day. Or sometimes I am booked for a weekend by one person. It really depends on the client and what they want." He took a bite. I noticed he seemed to be a little hesitant to talk much about it but I was so curious "are your coworkers nice? Or do you just come from home to wherever your assigned to?"

He looked at me that furrowed brows "I'm not really allowed to talk about the company while I'm with a client.." he smiled and set his hand on top of mine. I jumped and pulled it away from him just out of sheer shock, this guy was really touchy and sentimental. Not acting like a friend at all, more like ..he was my boyfriend.

Needless to say I was confused.

So I spat it out, I looked up at Kia meeting his confused expression with my own "you're acting kind of.. relationshipie"

Kia blinked, shrugging he let out a kind of snort leaning in across the table. My face heated up as he got closer and closer "I can change it up if you like, be your boyfriend for the night.." I didn't notice my breathing had stopped, and that Kia had managed to move around the table to right beside me.
His hot breath on my neck.

My nerves skyrocketed as the words whispered out through his lips "..or maybe you need a daddy to tell you what to do?"
What was he saying!?

So suddenly, why!?

What did I do to start this?

I let out a tiny squeak, unable to respond as he went on, running a ghosted hand up along my thigh to the tent already growing in my sweatpants. clenching my eyes shut i let out a tiny groan. my body is betraying me. Perfect.


"Or maybe you need a Master to break out that delicious kitten buried inside you ..."

I panicked and jolted back away from him, flushed redder than the color red, panting with a confused lust filled look all over my face. He of course, looked totally freaking unphased by what he had just said. 

"Did I say something wrong?" He blinked, like he was trying to figure out what the hell was going on, which is weird considering he's the one spouting hot crap into my ear.

"Y-you w-were!?..-said-. ..what exactly id your job!?" I breathed out frantically trying to get a grip, hiding my hard on with my hand.

"Um..I'm an escort? For Timeless.." his eyebrow raised...

And my jaw dropped.


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