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Annabeth's POV:

"Alright, guys that didn't go exactly as planned," I laugh, standing outside the bathroom door, Brynn holding the camera. "But Percy is about to shave his beard off, so it was a success."

"A success that almost got you killed," Brynn points out, her medium-long light brown hair swaying a little as the bathroom door behind me opens. Brynn's dark chocolate eyes go wide and I turn around to see Percy - with a massive chunk out of his beard - staring down at me.

"Whatcha doing there Wise Girl?"

Grinning, I take the camera from Brynn and face it to him, "Getting a close up of the legendary Percy Jackson shaving his beard off."

A loud laugh erupts in the background and I turn to see Jason approaching. "I can't believe you're actually - single handling - getting Perce to shave his beard off!"

"What I love is that everyone was terrified of touching that beard during the prank wars last year, but Annabeth here," Mark says, coming into the room, his red hair and piercing green eyes shimmering. "Had the nerve to CUT it!"

"There's only one explanation as to how she wasn't scared to do it and how he isn't as mad as if anyone else were to do it," Brynn replies, crossing her arms over her sheep wunzie. I look down at my cow wunzie. Piper's pig wunzie. Frank's lion wunzie. Jason's horse wunzie. And Percy's fish wunzie. It seriously is laughable.

Piper nods along with Brynn, "Percabeth."

I blink a couple times, shutting the camera off for a second. "Wait what?"

Percy takes a moment to process it, "What the heck does that mean?"

"It means we ship you," Brynn explains.

"But it's weird to ship real life people," Jason says.

"As long as you aren't forcing them together it's completely fine," Piper snaps.

"What's shipping?" Percy asks. I know what it is, as I am a fangirl myself. But there is no way I want Percy to find out right in front of me.

Bringing my camera up, I say, "So. Percy? Ready for that shave yet?"

"No, but like what's shipping? Seriously."

"Read the comments, everyone will answer," I say.

He shrugs and lets it go, heading to the shaver. He begins the process of shaving it off and the whole time I am snickering behind the camera. When a piece falls into the sink he tosses it at me, and I shriek. "Ew no! I don't want your chlorine beard!"

I set the camera on the counter, angled at Percy so in editing I can just do a time lapse of it all. Leaving I enter the kitchen to find Hazel, Leo and Frank talking. "What're you guys talking about?"

"Leo doesn't know if he can bring tools on the plane or not," Frank explains as Leo pulls up Google on his computer on the counter.

Walking to the fridge I grab the milk. "I actually am not entirely sure about that one."

"Yeah me neither, which is why I wanted to check and make sure ya know?" Leo says, eyes reading the screen.

I pour my milk into the glass and put the bag of milk back in the fridge. (Yes, I am Canadian, yes, we have milk bags and not cartons) Sipping the milk, I think about the next few days ahead of us. We are ALL going on a week-long trip to New Zealand, Egypt and Toronto. It will be an exciting, yet crazy 7 days and I will need to make sure that I vlog it as much as possible. This trip will be sponsored by Amazon as long as we advertise them in basically every vlog.

"Okay guys, I think it's time to round everybody up and do this thing!" Travis shouts, joining us counter side.

I pull up my phone as I make my way to Percy who's in the bathroom. Texting the group chat, I thrust my phone into my pocket and walk into the bathroom.

"How was the shave Seaweed Brain?" I ask, all my long hair falling onto my face as I pick up the camera

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"How was the shave Seaweed Brain?" I ask, all my long hair falling onto my face as I pick up the camera.

"Yeah actually, I really like it," He says.

I look up in shock of his response and upon seeing him, examining his now-extinct beard in the mirror, my jaw goes slack.

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