Chapter 1 (3rd of Earonitan in the year 6178)

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Diur brought forth three entities from the darkness

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Diur brought forth three entities from the darkness. Daughters of the Great Dragon, the Fates, they were entrusted with the destiny of all upon Geiha. Sashna Keeper of Law and Good, Octeava, Keeper of the Dark and Chaos, and Sarina, Keeper of Neutrality and Balance. Their charge - to hold together the fabric of the universe for all time.

-Book of the Gods 2:16

Darkness. Everlasting darkness. It stretched for as far as any of the senses could sense.

The cold blackness of the cosmos was broken only by the flickering of distant stars. Its silence was lonely. So terrifyingly lonely.

Power coalesced. Ether began to churn. It moved at its own pace, without a care of what others would desire of it. The universe would not bend to the arbitrary will of the impatient.

Where once only emptiness had been, twisting clouds contorted. Their swirling motion molded and bent. When the cosmic dance finally ceased, they formed a tower extending downward to infinity.

Its stone was plain, unassuming, and out of place. But it filled the cosmos with an aura of power, control, and balance. As though it was meant to be there.

At its top, a shutter cracked open. A dim light flowed out into the universe. It pushed back the darkness.

Delicate fingers gripped the sill. A figure dressed in dull robes matching the gray stones stood. She waited, peering out from her sanctuary.

Another dim light moved in the distance. Its appearance answered her presence. Sarina, Keeper of Neutrality, sensed the other, like her, growing nearer.

As the light came up to the window, she moved aside. The goddess waited, allowing it to enter through the opening unobstructed.

The orb alighted on the floor. Flickering slowly at first, it began to pulse faster and faster. Growing, it methodically transformed. As the light faded, the form of another woman became clear and replaced it. Her hair was of platinum white and her robes were of ivory.

The new woman's clothing fluttered in the ether, catching upon its invisible currents. She stretched long tired muscles.

"Greetings, sister," Sarina spoke pleasantly to the white-robed goddess now before her. "It is always a pleasure to see you, Sashna. Times do not call us together as often as they once had."

"As I am always delighted to see you as well, my sister," Sashna responded. "Time, it seems, has not been on our side with the growing needs of the mortal realm."

"Indeed. The mortal realm has grown to consume much of my time as well," Sarina lamented.

"Unfortunately, this is not a casual visit. I have come because you have a soul that I desire. The time for a savior of the mortal world has come. This child shall be the one I choose to imbue with the power necessary to fulfill that most important role."

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