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This is entirely a Friendfiction. I have a friend named Ben and one named Oryin. Oryin gave me permission to write this. I was gonna do it anyway. This is based off of something that happened at lunch a few weeks ago. This is entirely for fun purposes and my entertainment. I do not care if y'all like it or not. It is supposed to seem really stupid, because it honestly is. My sister and I had planned this all out in the course of a half an hour and it was not well thought out like many other stories have been. I DON'T CARE AT ALL! This is MY story that I wrote about MY friends. Until you end up with the rights to this book, I DO NOT want to hear ANYTHING from ANYONE unless it is seemingly positive. I WILL accept passive-agressive comments though. Those are fun to read and passively-aggressively reply to. Thats all. Have fun. Or not. I really couldnt care less if you do or don't. Thats all for now.


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