forty four

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i parked in david's garage after an awkward and silent drive back to his place. hannah tried to talk to me about random stuff, but i was in shock, so i just gave her short answers. we entered the house back and i went directly to the kitchen. "do you need some help?" she asked and i shook my head.

"it's fine" i forced a smile, avoiding her eyes, and then, she went to the living room. i started to make the appetizers, making stuffed potatoes and stuffed mushrooms. i didn't want to make a whole meal, so i made simple things that were fast and enjoyable. when i finished, i put on top of the counter and called for everyone. "it's really simple, but i think its really good, so i hope you all like it"

after i ate, i went to david's room without saying anything and closed the door, grabbing my phone from his nightstand. then, i called charlie, knowing that she was probably awake. she picked up after a few seconds. "hey baby" she smiled.

"i need your help with something" i said sitting down.

"are you in a closet?" charlie asked, frowning her eyebrows.

"yeah, i don't want people to hear me" i was in david's closet.

"okay, tell me" i saw her adjusting herself on the bed and i told her everything that i saw.

"oh damn" i heard timothée in the background. "hi phe!" he appeared on the screen.

"hey, timmy" i smile. "so, what do you guys think i should do?"

"i really didn't think david dobrik would have colors in his closet" timothée commented, also frowning.

"oh my god, go away!" charlie groaned, rolling her eyes while i was laughing at his randomness. "i think you should talk to him first"

"i don't know, it felt like cheating" i sighed. "but we weren't together, so i don't know"

"talk to david phe, it's the best thing to do for now" timothée said while he was running his hand through charlie's hair. "tell him about how you feel with this whole situation"

"and then you text me about what happened" charlie added.

"of course" i rolled my eyes, smiling. we talked for a bit until i said i had to go. i went back to the living room, hoping that no one noticed that i was gone for half an hour. but when i got there, practically everyone was gone. only jeff, todd, zane, natalie, david, and now, joe were there, sitting on the couch, with some random music playing.

"there you are" david smiled from the beanbag. he had a blanket on top of his lap along with his laptop. "where were you?" he asked.

"i was just talking to charlie" i answered, sitting down by zane's side. then, he put one arm on top of my shoulders.

"how's she and timothée doing?" david continued to edit.

"really good" i nodded and bit my bottom lip.

"hey, you promised me an explanation" zane turned his head to my direction.

"oh yeah" i took a deep breath, not wanting to talk about my preview situation with david.

"i told ophelia i loved her, she didn't believe me, then at the second day of january, she came to my house at four am to tell me she loved me too" david cut me off, still staring at his laptop.

"you can't just skip the emotional parts" i rolled my eyes and told zane everything, like, literally everything, what happened and how i felt with the whole situation, without missing a detail.

"you two are so complicated" todd commented after i finished.

"says the guy who had the most fucked up relationship in the group" david said making us laugh.

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