Paradox chapter eight "Rozelical"

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Chapter eight

I expected her to look astonished when I told her, or angry or dumb-founded or anything but how she did react.

She blew a sigh and simply said "About time you realized it"

I gaped at her. That's all I could do really.

"Well, what are you going to do?" she asked. What I wanted to do was go crawl in a hole and die, or jump off a roof and become a pancake on the pavement or go through a window and be sliced into itty bitty pieces. All great suggestions but where would I find the time to execute them. Ronnie shook me when I didn't answer her question.

"I..." what was I meant to say "I don't know"

She sighed again and began dragging me away from my still open locker and out the main entrance "Where are we going?" I asked hurriedly. She kept walking determinedly "For answers"

"What about school?" at that she stopped and rolled her eyes at me as if to say 'How cares?' and pulled me over to her car.

She had an old beaten up Volkswagen Bug parked right next to the exit. We climbed in and buckled up. She turned the key ignition and reversed out of her space, and as she was driving out the exit I thought I saw the flutter of black clothes as someone dove behind the school; Black clothes and black hair, two golden eyes and a pained expression. I rubbed my eyes, did I really just see that, was the thought that went through my mind. No I didn't, I told myself as if the thought would make it true, but it still nagged at me as we drove past houses and streets then trees and eventually the NOW LEAVING DROGHEDA sign. "Where are we going exactly?" I asked to distract myself.

"There's this rumor that a witch lives on the outskirts of Drogheda in an old trailer, she's meant to be able to see answers in a crystal ball. She's also supposed to have a psychic power like us"

I gave her a look that basically said 'what the fuck, are you crazy?' and she caught it without effort.

"I'm not a loon if that's what you're thinking, I just have a really think this is legit, believe in me"

My lips parted in a silent sigh and I nodded, my determined little pale friend was right, we were psychic so why wouldn't she be, if she existed that is.

As we neared an old trailer parked on the side of the road nestled between two towering oak trees a vision of copper hair, amethyst eyes and purple smoke swirled in my head.

I gulped "Ronnie...what's this witch's name?"

She shrugged "Um, don't really remember. Arable, Oriel, Annabel..."

"Arachael?" I said and sucked in a quick breath.

"Yeah" she smiled and gave me a weird look "How'd you know?"

I was glad I'd taken the breath because I needed it when I explained everything, and that meant everything, that had happened the night I'd stayed with Matt. When I had finished Ronnie had stopped the car. She was quiet for a second and then she opened her door and said "Well at least now we know she's legit"

I followed her, shocked into silence, and stopped in front of the trailer. We both looked at each other unsure what to do.

"Should we knock or something?" I asked finally. Ronnie shrugged "I guess"

I chewed my lip, I was afraid to see her again. Not because she was frightening but because she was Falcon's mother and I hurt her son and there is nothing like the wrath of a mother protecting her baby. I gulped "You do it"

Ronnie shook her head frantically "No, you do it"

"Hell no!" I said and she gave me a pleading look I couldn't ignore. I sighed and raised my hand about to knock but when my fingers were just inches from the metal trailer door a very familiar female voice said "Enter Robin Greene and Veronica Blake, I've been expecting your visit"

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