What's Next for Round 2?

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Hi Open Novella-ists! Whether your story has progressed to Round 2 or sadly dropped out of the contest runnings, there are still new challenges and opportunities ahead.

If you've qualified for Round 2 (your name is listed in the previous chapter) and you want to continue in the contest, you will need to re-submit your story using the submissions form. 

Be aware that failure to re-submit your entry will mean your story won't be judged for Round 2, as we won't know if you'd like to continue with the contest. Head over to the Submissions chapter for the link.

If you've written at least 2,000 words you may now claim the 2k book sticker and use it on your cover! (Click the link to retrieve it.)

If your story unfortunately didn't qualify for Round 2, no need to be discouraged! We'll do a run-down of why some stories might have not made it through.

And yes, you are still entitled to the 2k book cover sticker to show that you've completed the challenge of writing 2,000 words for your story. If you haven't yet written 2,000 words, we ask that you do not claim this sticker until you've hit the 2,000 word milestone (or there isn't really a point in advertising that you have!)

My story qualified, what do I do now?

Now's your window to write another 6,000 words of your story, totalling 8,000. Once your story has reached 8,000 words, re-submit it using the form, ready for the next round of judging.

When is the deadline to re-submit?

The deadline to reach a minimum of 8,000 words and re-submit your story is 23:59 GMT (London and Dublin timezone) on 26th February 2019. The form is available in the Submissions chapter -- it's the same one as before.

My story didn't qualify, does it mean I'm out of the contest?

Unfortunately so, but we really appreciate you writing for this contest and giving it a go. Each entry is unique, and the potential to build on it and expand your writing skills is still yours for the taking.

Even though I didn't qualify, can I continue writing?

Yes! Of course you can. You can even claim the milestones stickers along the way and there is even a chance that your story might be added to our Ambassador Picks list on the Open Novella Contest page. Writing a novella is still an achievement in itself.

Why did my story not qualify?

It may not have fit the criteria: The reasons that not every story qualifies is because we have set criteria for judging. It may be that your story was published before 1st January 2019, had less than 2,000 words, or simply didn't use one of the prompts we provided as part of the challenge.

We couldn't access it: In most cases we're able to locate a story, even if you've changed its title, changed your username, or the link didn't work for some reason. If we couldn't determine any of these and we simply couldn't locate your story, we wouldn't have been able to judge it. You may have also deleted the story or reverted it to draft.

Its score fell below the threshold: Our qualifying stories are determined mathematically using certain figures, such as the number of entries and the scores given as a collective. It helps us set up a score threshold and build a list of stories that exceed it. Not all stories will qualify this way, and if you fall into this category it's certainly not to say that your story shouldn't be told!

I entered more than one story, how will I know which has qualified?

If you've entered more than one story in separate genre categories, your name may appear in multiple lists. However, if you've entered multiple stories in the same category, we understand that there will be no way to know which story (or stories) qualified. If this is the case for you, drop us a PM and we can easily check for you.

I changed my username, have I still qualified?

Where possible we did try to keep usernames as updated as we could. However, if you didn't notify us of this change it may be that we've listed you under your old one. Double check the qualifying lists for your old username.

How will I know if my story was a Round 1 Winner?

There will be an announcement in the next few days and a representative of the Open Novella Contest II will contact you via Wattpad to discuss your prizes. Sit tight!

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