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Carry on.

Chloe’s POV

Do you know the feeling of being in love? That feeling that you feel whenever you see the person that makes your day. Their smile brings light to a dull day your having, their voice; a perfect harmony to your ears. Even the slightest thing that should annoy you turns out differently.

I have encountered these feelings for the past few weeks, and am still feeling them and its growing stronger every day. I am falling harder each time I see him. My day wouldn’t be complete without the sight of him. Him and I are like a magnet, he moves, I move. We are in sync.

The feeling of being in love is indescribable, you just…. know.

I looked at myself in the mirror one last time, making sure that I didn’t miss anything. From my hair and make-up to my shoes and accessories, you might be wondering what the occasion is today, well, today is the wedding; Mason and Andy’s parents’ wedding, the day that the town has been waiting for. A few weeks back they’ve finally announced the day of their wedding and seeing that Mason’s father is the mayor of the place. People, naturally was excited. Mason’s father was loved by the whole town, he’s a good mayor.

I heard a light knock on my door and saw my Mum sticking her head in.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

I nodded.

I grabbed my purse from the bed and followed her.

Mason would meet me there, he’s best man and Andy is naturally the maid of honor. I saw some of my friends when we arrived. They’re also with their own families.

The design of the church was simple and elegant, white rose petals lay at the red carpet to the altar, there were white drapes hanging on every seat connected to the other creating a wave like effect; white lilies holding them in place.

We took a seat and waited for the wedding to start. I excused myself to the bathroom and when I got back, Mason is already standing at the altar; beside his father. I went back to my seat and silently admired him.

He looked breathtakingly gorgeous standing there, in a tux; his usual tousled hair is styled expertly into a brush up. He gave me a smile when he saw me and waved at him as a reply.

The priest ushered everyone to stand as the bridal song played, one by one, the bridal entourage took their respective places in front. Last one to arrive was the bride; Stella looked incredible in her wedding dress.

I looked at the groom and saw a teary-eyed Rob waiting for his bride. Finally, Stella reached the altar. Her father let go of her and gave her arm to Rob. Rob laughed at something he said while nodding.


The reception took place at the backyard of their new house; it’s only a couple of blocks away from our home actually. There’s only one tent standing, big enough to cover the backyard. It was magical; the reception design is like something out of a movie.

I felt someone hug me from behind and placed a kiss on my cheek, I didn’t have to turn around to know who it was.

“I missed you.” Mason said and rested his head on my shoulder.

“We were together just yesterday.”

“Well, I haven’t spent time with you today.” He whined. It’s good that I’m not facing him right now, otherwise he would’ve seen the redness of my cheek and tease me more. After all these months, he’s still managed to make me blush at the slightest of things he do.

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