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Aurora's eyes danced around the Great Hall; the ceiling was charmed to have snowflakes falling down from it, the room was a icy blue colour making Aurora feel both chilly and warm at the same time. There were glittery ice follicles above their heads and on the tablecloths as well as garlands of mistletoe and ivy which crossed the snowy ceiling. The front of the Great Hall had one giant snow covered Christmas Tree proudly standing in the middle with two slightly smaller trees either side of it. Even the floor was charmed to look like ice; it was simply beautiful.

That's exactly what Fred thought too; beautiful, however he hadn't even taken a look at the room, instead his eyes were almost superglued onto the girl next to him; her smile light up the room and he felt all warm inside. 

When her chocolate brown eyes finally took in the room she turned her head to look at Fred, surprised to see him already observing her with a large smile on his face.

"Have I got something on my face?" Aurora asked, self consciously bringing her hand up to her face trying to wipe a stain that wasn't there.

Fred shook his head and grabbed her hand, "No, you just look breathtaking," he told her causing her to grin whilst her cheeks turned a rose colour.

"Well, you look quite handsome too," she giggled, poking him in his shoulder.


Aurora laughed, "Very handsome," she confirmed.

"Champions, over here, please!" Professor McGonagall's voice called breaking Aurora's gaze from Fred as she turned her head to notice that the Great Hall was already filled with students and she watched the four Champions and their dates walk over to the dance floor.

"Oh, this will be good," she laughed.

Fred cocked his eyebrow up, "What? Why?"

"Harry never took any dance classes," The black haired girl sniggered as she watched her Godbrother gingerly putting his hand on his date's waist. 

Once the Champion dance was over, Fred quickly pulled Aurora onto the dance floor, she giggled as she entered the chaotic dance floor, The Weird Sisters were playing on the stage that Dumbledore charmed and all of the students were going crazy.

Aurora had heard The Weird Sisters a few times before thanks to Ginny being a massive fan of theirs, but she had to admit; Muggles knew how to make music better. 

By the end of the fourth song Aurora was exhausted, her ears were ringing and her feet ached as she and Fred walked hand in hand to an empty table, "I'll get us some drinks," Fred said, he bend his head down and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead before he walked off to the drinks table; a large grin plastered on his face.

Aurora couldn't wipe the smile off her face either as she watched her date disappear into the crowd that was surrounding the punch table. She sighed in content as she looked around the Hall, her eyes spotted a sulking Harry and Ron causing her to roll her eyes and walk over to the two boys.

"What's gotten your panties in a twist, boys?" She asked causing the pair to jump due to being surprised that somebody finally noticed them. 

"This is boring," Ron mumbled, his arms folded across his chest as he slouched in his chair, "Why don't you go off and find my brother?" 

"Bloody hell, Ron," Aurora sighed, her shoulders sinking in defeat, "You're worse than a girl on her period," and with that she turned around and walked back to her own table where Fred was already sat with two drinks in front of him.

"Where did you run away to?" He asked jokingly causing the girl to huff as she downed the contents of her cup, "What happened?" He asked, his eyebrows furrowed as he checked her over to see if she was hurt.

"Your brother's a bit of a moody bitch," she mumbled.

"George? But I was just talking to him at the drinks table?" Fred stated, his voice filled with confusion.

Aurora shook her head, "Nah, not George. Ron."

"Ah, yeah," Fred realised nodding his head up and down, completely understanding the girl.

"Ah, well, I'm not going to let him annoy me tonight," Aurora declared, her smile came back onto her face causing Fred to light up as he took hold of her hand.

The Hall has began to quieten down, many students had already returned back to their dormitories but slow music still played in the background as a few last couples shared their own special moments on the dance floor. Even the Professors were dancing together, she noticed McGonagall being twirled by the one and only Charlie Weasley causing her to let out a small laugh.

"Wanna dance?" Fred asked standing up and holding his hand out.

Aurora smiled up at him and nodded her head, her hand outstretched to meet his and he helped her as they made way to the almost empty dance floor. 

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