Chapter 1

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author note:
Hello there everyone who read this book of mine, I just wanna say that this is gonna be a slow update and It will took a while for me to update that other fanfic of mine(durarara) as I put it on hold. anyway enjoy the story (it sucks tho)


Mizuna Pov:

I was just finish read the latest manga of one piece where the Strawhats are now in wano arc now. I love oda so much, he create such a great anime ever. I'm not a really that big, big fan of one piece but I just love all of the plots and um... The hawt guys, I mean who can resist their hawtness am I right?.

Oh right I didnt introduce myself yet,  my name is Mariana D. Mizuna, I know right! My name is the same as those people in one piece right!? I ask my mom about my name once and she just pat my head and smile. Oh and also I dont know who my dad is but my mom always told me about him that he had a red hair although when I ask her where he is. She look at me and told me that he is far away from here.

So here is my thought, based from what my mom told me I have a feeling that my dad is actually from one Piece but in the end I just laugh at myself for thinking how idiot I was to think my dad was from an anime character. I know its pretty stupid of me.

As I close my phone, I was gonna go to sleep, close my eyes and think that I wish to meet my dad when all of the sudden my phone started to flash which I grunt at it, ugh cant I go to sleep! I open my eyes and see a message pop up from nowhere.


Would you accept this invitation?

• yes
• No


I glare at it, this message look suspicious. But for some reason this message interest me, as I click yes I was suck into my phone.

My one and only thought that time was "oh no, what did I do!?"


Who knows pov:

A certain pirate crew sailing somewhere on the new world got a call from the woman he loves by telling him that their daughter is gone, she told him that maybe she is in his world right now. He was so happy about this news and told her not to worry much. As he ends the call, he told his crew to find his long lost daughter and while searching for her, they are having a party to celebrate their captain been longing day.


Mizuna Pov:

I was now falling from the sky and literally scream the heck out of my lungs.

"Someone!!!  Please help me I dont wanna dieeeee!!! Ahhhhhh!!!" as I was waiting for an impact for my faceplant, I open my eyes to see a flying broom save me.

I got off from the broom and thank it for saving me. It just dance around. I chuckle and look around me only to see that I'm on some kind of island which is surrounded with sea.

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