Life-taker Tord X Life-giver Tom

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Life-taker Tord X Life-giver Tom

Warning: Angst

Requested by: DEPRESSED_GIRL

Everything that Tord touches dies, while everything that Tom touches is brought back to life.

This isn't sad OOF!


Tom's P.O.V

I touched the dead flower, muttering profanity about Tord, death. He must had touched the little flower, so it died.

Suddenly, I felt a dark aura behind me. I stopped touching the flower's petals and looked behind me to see Tord. He was rubbing his neck; his silver eyes were focused on me as bit his lip. "So, why did you kill this innocent flower?" I greeted, my lips formed a small smile.

He answered back as he walked closer to me, keeping a good distance, "I just want to pick a flower, but I forgot I was death, so I killed it." I giggled at Tord's stupidity as he pouted at me, but soon he started to laugh with me.

We stopped laughing and looked deep into each other's eyes. Tord's face was slightly red, mine was probably the same. He asked me, "Want to talk for a bit?"

Our relationship was quite different from the past relationships that our ancestors had. Our ancestors loathed each other, while Tord and I were dating. Everyone said that our relationship would never work out, but it's been 6 months since we've been together...I guess that they were wrong. The only thing I hate about dating Tord is that, we can't cuddle or kiss, no physical contact whatsoever or else, I'll die.

Tord must have noticed that I was deep in thought as he snapped his fingers in front of my face, making sure that he was not close to touching me. I shook my head and smiled. Tord grinned back, he walked back a few steps as he sat down, the already dead grass stayed dead. "I asked you a question, want to talk for a bit?" I rolled my eyes and nodded sitting down on the soft grass.

We talked to each other, Tord made a lot of corny jokes making me roll my eyes hundred of times. Soon, we had to leave, so we got up. Something unexpectedly happened though. While we were walking side my side, Tord tripped on a rock and he somehow landed on me. We both immediately gasped as I felt my life slowly fading away.

"Tom, Tom! I'm sorry! I didn't mean too! Oh lord, Oh lord have mercy!" Tord panicked as he instantly got up. I sat up, coughing slightly, my life was fading away. Ironic isn't it? That life(me) can't give life to itself. Tord's eyes welled up with tear as I laid on the ground, the grass around me started to die.

I felt my body turn into specks of dust.....

Tord's P.O.V

The one that made me smile, disappeared right before my very eyes. And it was all my fault. They were right, everyone was right, life and death can't be together. My depressing thoughts didn't stop there. They continued haunting my mind......

I started running in a random direction, I was going to kill myself. Death can only kill itself if it jumps off a building/bridge and that's what I was going to do.

My dear life, I'm coming so that I could be with you. 

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