Ch. 1 Part 4

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Eddie's Pov

y/n and i were both sat on my bed, in complete silence. i gazed at her. she wasn't looking at me but i could tell that she knew i was looking at her. her eyes were fixed on the wall mirror in my room that i never used. i don't even know why its there.

y/n slowly turned her head to face me. we locked eyes. it was as if i couldn't take my eyes off of her.

a small laugh escaped from her lips. "you're staring." she giggled. i quickly turned my head away from her and we both laughed a little.

"what're you gonna do if your dad still doesn't want you going home tomorrow?" i asked her, not looking at her.

"probably go to bill's." y/n answered. i felt a hint of jealousy strike me.

"you can come here, if you want." i offered, now looking at her.

"i know but i don't know how your mom would feel about that."

"she doesn't have to find out."

   "I guess that's true. bill's parents never care when i go over. i don't wanna be burden to you."

"you've been to bill's before?" i asked, astonishment corrupting my voice. she nodded.

" wouldn't be a burden to me." i assured her. y/n smiled, gratefully which caused me to smile back at her

"really?" she asked, earning a nod from me.

"thanks, eds."

before i could say anything in response, my closet door began creaking open. we snapped our heads to face the closet door. a quarter of it was cracked open.

"eddie...y/n..." a raspy, chilling voice called us from the closet.

"what the fuck?" i mumbled.

"hello?" y/n called, in a fearful voice.

"y/n..." the voice called.

"eddie, who's in your closet?" y/n whispered to me, in a shaky voice. i didn't answer, i was frozen with fear. the closet door flung open to reveal that no one was there. y/n and i exchanged confused looks.

being her brave self, y/n grabbed my hand and lead me over to the closet. i honestly had a really bad feeling about this.

"y/n...eddie...what are you looking for?" the voice asked, once we got to the closet.

"y/n, do you hear that?" i whimpered.

"yeah, i hear it." y/n answered as she stepped into the closet. just as i was about to step into the closet, the door slammed shut.i heard pounds and knocks come from the door. "eddie, open the door." y/n pleaded. i fiddled with the doorknob and pounded onto the door.

   "don't you think i would if i could." i snapped at her.

suddenly, the pounds and knocks that came from the other side of the door, stopped.

"eddie..." i heard the rapsy voice come from behind me this time.

my breath hitched and became heavy and irregular. i started to wheeze. i clawed at my fanny pack zipper and threw it open.

"eddie..." the voice repeated. my wheezing became more and more painful every second. i grasped my inhaler and began taking rapid puffs.

i had no control of myself and i began to turn around. there stood a leper.

he had shoulder length blonde hair and rotting skin. one of his eyes was missing and the other was a pale blue. he had blisters and boils covering his fingers. drool ran down his mouth like a waterfall.

i began to wheeze and pant once again. i puffed on my inhaler as he limped towards me. i bolted away from the closet.

"y/n, help!" i squealed. the knocks on the closet door came once again.

"eddie?" i heard her ask.

the leper jumped towards me but i rolled under the bed. i took more puffs from my inhaler.

i peeked from under the bed to see that the leper was no longer there. i sighed of relief and rolled back from out of the bed.

the closet door swung open and y/n walked out and collapsed to her knees. i ran to her and hugged her.

"what happened?" she asked.

"there was– there was a-a leper." i breathed out of my nose.

"are you ok?"

"yeah, what happened with you? you stopped knocking for awhile."

she just shrugged and we both stood up and sat on my bed.

i heard footsteps come from the hall, y/n obviously heard them too. both of our eyes widened. y/n hopped off the bed and rolled under the bed.

my mom threw the door open, rubbing her eyes. "whats going on in here, eddie dear?"

i panicked to find an excuse but one hit me. "oh, uh i just woke up. its probably those kids down the road again. just go back to sleep."

"alright, i love you, eddie bear."

"love you too, ma." and with that, she left.

"ok, it's safe." i told y/n. she let out a sigh of relief and came out from under the bed.

i looked at the clock and it was midnight.

"you wanna go to bed?" i asked.

"yeah. i'll take the floor." she offered.

"no, my mom might come in. i'll take the floor."

"and you think that her seeing you on the floor would turn out better?"


we both turned to look at my medium sized bed that would definitely be able to fit both of us. we turned back to each other and sighed. we knew what each other were thinking.

"we can both take the bed." i suggested.

"i guess."

"you should take the wall side, just in case." i said and she nodded.

y/n awkwardly got in the bed and i collapsed into the bed, next to her.

"i'm surprised you aren't scared i'll give you a disease or something." she laughed. i laughed too.

she wasn't wrong. it's like some thing lead me so i don't care while i'm with her.

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