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We had walked all day and were close to the island. It was tiring walking through the forest all night and about half the day. I haven't had a long journey like this in 28 years so i'm not quit used to it.
‘’i'm not a very good liar’’Aurora said. We had to lie about Cora shape shifting to look like Lancelot thing, it was for the best.
‘’It's not lieing Aurora. He did die an honorable death and Cora did escape all true’’Snow said
‘’It is still a little bit lieing because we aren't saying she was pretending to be Lancelot’’I said and snow looked back at me giving me a small glare I just smiled at her,
‘’Just leave the particles to us’’Emma said
‘’There's no reason to cause unnecessary conflict between your people’’Snow said
‘’I'm not sure’’ Aurora was interrupted by Mulan putting her hand up and looking at us.
‘Wait. The tower. We always have people guarding the entrance’’Mulan said drawing her sword.
‘’Stay close’’she said and we started moving into the camp, slowly. All the people where on the ground dead.
‘’Oh my god’’Emma said. There didn’t look like anyone survived but how the hell did it happen! We all looked around and there wasn’t anyone that survived. Dead bodies were all over the ground. i put my hand to my mouth, this is horrible!
‘’How did this happen? We were hidden how did the ogres find us’’
I looked closely and saw that they all had there hearts ripped out. Ogres don’t do that.
‘’Um i'm pretty sure it wasn’t ogres. There hearts where ripped out’’ I said pointing to one of the bodies.
‘’This is Cora. Her magic twisted and evil’’Snow said after me’’We have to stop her’’
‘’To late. She killed them, she killed them all’’Mulan said with sadness in her voice.
‘’We have to stop her before she hurts anyone else!’’Snow said clearly distraught.
‘’Hey look!’’My head snapped to Emma. She was pointing to something’There's someone in there!’’
I ran over  and saw someone moving under some bodies.
‘’He's alive’’Aurora said. We started moving the bodies that where on top of him.
‘’Please’’wait a minute I knew that voice but where have I heard it?
‘’Please, help me’’then I saw his face as he sat up.That was Killian. I almost gasped at seeing his beautiful face again. I wanted to tell him everything and beg him to forgive me but  he looked at me stunned for a moment but his eyes pleaded for me not to say anything.  I knew right now he didn’t want me to say anything about him and that I know him and I owe that to him. If he starts attacking or something then I have to but right now, I owe it to him to not say anything.
‘’It's okay your safe, we wont hurt you’’Snow said, comforting him. He looked at her and nodded.
‘’Thank you’’he said

I sat on killians bed sewing one of his shirts that had ripped..He was on deck and I couldn’t go up because peter would find me. Usually I would go up in the dark with rags or something on to cover me.  I heard footsteps and I saw the door open and Killian's handsome self came in the room.
Hello''I said looking up at him and he smiled at me, he closed the door before facing me again.
‘’hey’’he said and he walked over to me and was in front of me.
‘’I almost got the rip sown. How did you even manage this anyways’’I said laughing slightly and I looked up at his beautiful sea eyes.
‘’you know how. You slashed your sword and created that rip’’he said and he then took the shirt and threw it on the desk. He smirked at me and pushed me back on the ebd and hovered over me. I recoled the memory and I laughed at it.
‘’no I did not. That is rude to assume things’’I said and he chuckled at me.
‘’oh you know it was you’’
‘’yep, it was me’’ i said smirking at him.
His lips where then on mine and I milted inside.

Author note:
OH MY GOD, HOOK'S BACK! Are you guys exited because i am! I love that little flashback at the end! I really, really want to hear your comments on this story. So please comment your thoughts about Dark Horse. Ask my question's or anything really. I don't care i just really want to hear your opinions and questions. I will update more after school!:)

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