CHAPTER 3: Who Knows why

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"A drunk soul, tells a sober heart."
- The saying that only works on those hiding shit

NOVEMBER 1, 2021

I woke up in a hotel bed with the sunlight piercing through the blinds. I sat up feeling the cover expose my breast.

I peeked under the cover seeing I only had on my red lace things.

"Where the fuck-"

"Finally yo ass woke. I can't leave with yo ass in my room." The mean ass from the store said coming in the room with a plate full of food.

I looked him up and down seeing he only had on grey sweats and a tight ass white tee on with some Nike socks and slides.

I clenched the cover tighter around my body as I looked at him. "We didnt-"

"Nah I wasn't finna fuck yo drunk ass. Why you get that drunk anyways?" He said rudely throwing a shirt at me.

"I'm sorry I didn't know I was talking to my fucking father." I said putting on his oversized shirt. "You ain't have to do whatever the fuck it was for me or take me to your room. I can handle my self." I said standing up tired of his bitch ass attitude.

He either hasnt fucked a soul or somebody pissed in his chips, all I know is he need to stop talking to me like I'm stupid or he Michael the fuck Carter and even HE don't talk to me like this.

"OH right so you knew that ugly ass nigga was putting shit in yo drink? Planning on rapping you, you should be thanking me." He said as his nose flared and he got in my face.

"You don't need to be thanked from me with that bull shit ass attitude." I pushed him back a bit. "Smile and maybe you'd get that."

"Yo get the fuck ready so I can drop you were you need to be. I ain't finna be arguing wit no dumb bitch-"


"Watch the bitch word Muthafuck-"
He gripped my neck and slammed me to the wall as in reflex my hand went to his with the same fire that he held in his eyes.

"Don't put ya hands on me."

"Don't call me out my name."



I smacked him again causing him to throw me. I got up off the floor and ran up to him and started to hit him upside his head.

All this and I don't even know his fucking name

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All this and I don't even know his fucking name.

"CHILL!" He yelled as we ended up on the bed.

My heart was beating fast as his scowl was deep and the grip he had on my arms that he pinned over my head tightened.

"Get off of me." I said lowly avoiding eye contact with him.

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