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Dear Blair,

I was the one who found you, we were supposed to study that day, remember? Your mom let me in the house and told me that you were still sleeping.

"Go wake her up." She said. "She'll love seeing you."

So I did, I went right up to your room. Blair, I found you there lifeless on your bed. I collapsed on your bedroom floor, tears and screams were leaving my body. I could barely look at you like that, you were there but you weren't at the same time. When your mom found me I was curled up on the floor, she was so confused Blair. When she realized she had lost her baby-girl, God, it was awful. You were loved Blair, I wish you got to know how much. 

Today was your funeral. I could barely sit there, all those people talking about how much they knew you. They didn't know you like I did. 

I knew a girl who fought her hardest. I knew a girl who hated chocolate ice-cream and Chemistry. I knew a girl who I fell in love with. Blair, that girl was you.

In your letters you told me you liked my laugh, I only laughed so I could see you smile. It was beautiful Blair. All of you was beautiful to me. I know you never thought so but you couldn't see yourself the way that I saw you, I wish you could have. I wish you didn't leave...

I will always question if I could have stopped it, I could have right? I should have. I saw how you were slowly falling apart right in front of me, I didn't know what to do so I just tried to show you that I loved you. 

I'm putting this letter with you, so that you will always know you were loved. 

I love you Blair. 


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