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January 20th 2019

Dear Noah, 

This is my goodbye letter. 

I am so sorry for dragging you along when I knew the end game the whole time. Noah you are the kindest person I have ever known. This is NOT your fault. There is nothing you could have done to prevent it. 

I have been fighting as hard as I can my whole life, I can't do it anymore. It is so exhausting. I don't feel like myself at all anymore, I let depression grip me and I let it own me. This was my battle, you couldn't fight it for me. Please know that. 

I just want to thank you for making my last almost four months better than my entire life has been. Noah, I don't know if you meant any of it. I'm going to leave thinking that you did. You are the most innocent and caring human being that I ever got the privilege of knowing. 

Noah, there's one more thing I want you to know. There is a box of letters sitting on my bed, they're for you. Please read them. They were just going to be a bunch of silly letters to a random boy, but you're more than that. How did you become more than that? 

Noah, I love you. 


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