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January 1st 2019

Dear Noah,

We spent New Year's Eve together, you made plans for me to go to your house so we could watch the ball drop together. Last minute though, I found myself unable to leave my house. I called you and told you I was so sorry. You told me not to worry about it and ten minutes later you were at my house. 

"It doesn't matter where we watch it," You said to me. "I just want to spend time with you."

We curled up underneath blankets on the couch, it was just about midnight when you asked if you could kiss me. You told me that you didn't want to do it, unless I did too. Noah, I did. I really did want you to kiss me. I couldn't believe it.

So when the countdown was on the T.V., I found your hand neatly put on my waist. You pulled me closer and kissed me ever so softly. It was so innocent, Noah. It was perfect. 


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