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December 4th 2018

Dear Noah, 

I can't seem to get rid of you, you're always there. Today you came over after school just to help me catch up on all the school I had been missing. I feel so sick all the time, I can't even think straight. 

I told you I just had some bug that was going around, you pretended like you bought it. I don't think you did. 

But we sat on my living room floor for at least three hours, you kept trying to explain it all to me, but if we're being honest... I haven't paid any attention in school. I can't seem to concentrate on anything anymore. 

The thoughts are getting worse too. Everyday they sit in my mind, taunting me. 

Blair, you're useless. Pathetic. Just do it all ready. Help the world become a better place. No one cares. 

Eventually I'm going to give in Noah, I don't know how much longer I can stay strong. 


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