Chapter 8 Bed Rest Again?? PET?!?!?!

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I slowly woke up with pain covering my body. My back was hurting the most because I was laying on it. My arm felt heavier than compared to the other. My head and eyes were wrapped in bandages. Why are my eyes covered? I don't remember anything happening to them. I heard movement shifting to my left. "Who's there?" I asked quickly. "It's okay Izuku, it's just me." I heard from a voice I could never forget. It was Dad but I could hear breathing in the corner of the room. I noticed weight by my non injured arm. "Dad is Luna next to me?" I asked Dad ignoring whoever was in the corner. "Yeah she wouldn't leave your side till you were stable." He informed me. "Dad why are my eyes covered and why does one hurt. Nothing was wrong when I was brought to the hospital." I asked confusion laced in my voice. "Izuku during a checkup your doctor was going to inject some pain killers into your body when your body started to flat line and seizure. The doctor missed and stabbed your eye and you may have permanent blindness." My Father said sadly as my tail pushed in between my legs. My ears flattened and it was probably very noticeable because of the bandages. Luna must have felt my sadness and woke up. She nudged my hand and tried to soothe my sadness. "Alpha you'll be fine. You're okay, you're lucky, and your eye will be fine." Luna tried but I just layed there silently. "Try getting sleep son you really need it." My Dad said. I tried to drift off to sleep but nothing was helping. My body had pain everywhere so sleep evaded me. I heard a slight knock at the door. "Sssshhh Izuku is trying to sleep." My Father told whoever was at the door. "No it's fine I can't sleep with all the pain so what's the point on being quiet if I can't get sleep anyway." I stated twitching slightly. "Young Izuku how are you feeling?" The person asked obviously being Uncle All Might. "Fine I guess." I replied monotoned. "Young Izuku I have also brought your classmates." Uncle All Might said walking in my direction. More footsteps could be heard through out the room. "Aizawa how are you feel? Do you want us to get you anything?" Someone asked. "I'm fine I just need someone to take care of Luna and the pack. Dad when can I leave? I know my eye is damaged but I'll manage. I don't want to sit here anymore." I said pushing myself up on one arm to sit up. "No, no, no, no you are not leaving anytime soon. You must remain here in bed." A deep voice I never heard before said before hands gently pushed back down. I felt my ears flatten against my head again when hearing this. "Mr. Aizawa you should not allow your son to move as he was badly injured. Just sitting up can pull the stitches in his side. Whatever caused those wounds went very deep and tearing the stitches will just cause the wounds to become worse. It will take a couple of weeks till you leave and if I need to I will put you on constant watch. If your visitors try and remove you or let you sit up without being cleared they will not be aloud here. That means you'd have no visitors and will stay here." The voice said causing my ears to press stronger against my head. "Doctor, he didn't know. You didn't need to almost yell at him." A feminine voice said towards the voice now dubbed 'Stern Doctor'. "I'm just making sure that he understands his situation. He may be a hero in training but looking at his past records I know he doesn't like to stay here and heal." Stern Doctor said to whoever talked back. My ears are moved to point to where the stern doctor was walking. The stern doctor had walked next to the bed and messed with things. "We should all let Mr. Aizawa rest so everyone out please." The stern doctor stated shooing everyone out. He got everyone out but walked back to the bed were I was laying. "Don't worry Mr. Aizawa you'll get the sleep you can't get unless I help." He whispered in my ear before grabbing something next to him. "Wait Wha.............MMMMFFFFF" I was cut off by something being pushed onto my face. I tried yelling and pushing his hand off as my tail went in between my legs and wrapped around a leg. He started to laugh quietly as my ears flattened. "Don't worry I stabbed your eye on purpose. You will be Tomura's pet no matter how hard you fight you won't get away." He whispered into my ear then laugh again as my struggles became weak. I managed to get his hand off then screamed as loud as I can. He shoved his hand back on and I drifted between conscious. Someone bursted through the door and got the doctor off me. Something that sounded like mist came from my right. A hand grabbed my injured arm and pulled. I yelped and heard someone yell, "Izuku! No Izuku!" Then I felt myself go unconscious.

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