Chapter 27: Inside the Simulation Part 1

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Skyler sat down and waited for the others to show up for training. She hadn't had training in the simulation since she had failed the last one. However, Skyler was feeling more confident because she knew that she could control her powers. Thanks to Shiloh's help she realized what she could do when she channeled her emotions into her powers instead of letting the powers channel her emotions. For the first time in weeks, she felt like she was finally in control of her 'new self' and her level of frustration had gone down a bar or two.

"Good to see that you are already here Skyler," Chelsea said suddenly. Skyler looked up and Chelsea in surprise.

"Sorry didn't hear you get here, was lost in my thought," she told Chelsea.

"Don't get lost in your thoughts when we're in the simulation."

"I won..."

"Yo people!" Ben interrupted. "I hope we aren't late."

"Where did the two of you pass to get here?" Skyler asked in shock. "You both appeared here like ghosts!" Ben and Shiloh burst out laughing.

"I guess these floors..." Just then the walls opposite to where Skyler was sitting opened up and revealed an elevator. General Williams, Melanie and Chris emerged from the elevator.

"Mystery solved," Shiloh said with a small laugh.

"What the hell," Skyler said in confused shock.

"Ortega haven't you seen an elevator before," General Williams asked.


"No don't give me an answer. We are here to observe you train with three of my best agents. DON'T BLOW THIS UP ORTEGA!"

Skyler nodded immediately and got up to follow the others into the training room. Her heart was beating nineteen to a dozen. She really wanted to know what everyone was thinking at that exact moment. All she had to do was concentrate and she would hear their thoughts. Somehow, she resisted the urge to use her telepathic powers. She needed to stick to the principal she always stuck to, minding her own damn business. Skyler was sure that the others would make their thoughts known after the training session. She had to just get through training without touching anyone with her hands. She didn't want a repeat of what happened between her and Melanie.

Soon it was just Skyler, Chelsea, Ben and Shiloh in the simulation.

"Ok guys, the simulation that we are gonna do today is something that Ben, Shiloh and Chelsea have been through before recently. Your first encounter with the guy that control elements. Remember him?"

"How can we forget about that dude?" Ben muttered.

"You are most likely gonna meet him again. So we recreated a simulation of him. Chris and I thought of the potential things he could do with any given element. Earth, fire, wind and water. The only difference this time is that you have Skyler with you. Let's see if you can take full advantage of her powers and work as a team. Are you guys ready?" Melanie asked. Chelsea looked at everyone and then gave Melanie a thumbs up sign.

"Okay, simulation starts in three... two... one..."

The lighting in the room turned dark before the simulation of the mission that Skyler watched on the LCD screen appeared before her very eyes. They were standing outside of the building that the enemy was in. She didn't know how, but Skyler had a weapon in her hands and when she looked at the others, they did as well.

"This is some serious shi... Wait concentrate Skyler, this is no time for your mind to wonder off," she thought to herself.

"Okay, we know that he is in the building and that he will come out from the back. Two groups, one groups goes to the back this way and the other group takes the other way. That way he will be surrounded," Chelsea said.

"Sounds good," Shiloh replied. "Ben and I will be one team."

"Okay, take that side," Chelsea replied as she pointed to the left side. "Newbie and I will take the other side and remember, stay on your guard, he is dangerous."

"Yes boss," Ben said as he and Shiloh started to go around the building.

"Okay newbie, follow my lead," Chelsea said with authority. Skyler looked at her and nodded, almost obediently.

"What? No backfire talk?" Chelsea asked in surprise. "You don't have any comments for me?"

"No. You are my supervisor, whatever you say goes," Skyler replied calmly. Chelsea gave an approving nod.

"Guess you can learn stuff," she told her almost sarcastically. "Okay let's do this."

Skyler bit her lip and followed Chelsea, the last thing that had to happen during this training was for her to fight with Chelsea.

Soon they were both behind the building and they could see Ben and Shiloh on the other side, but there was no sign of their target.

"In situations like these, you need to patient. If he hasn't shown up yet, there is a reason behind it all. Things look calm and safe and this could fool you, and you could make a fatal mistake," Chelsea whispered to Skyler. "For now, we need to keep our eyes peeled. He could appear at any moment."

Turned out Chelsea was right, a few seconds later the target jumped off from the back of the building. Following Chelsea's lead Skyler approached the target carefully, as did Ben and Shiloh. But somehow he sensed that he was surrounded.

"How did he feel that we are around him?" Skyler whispered to Chelsea.

"Don't forget that Melanie and Chris are in control of this simulation," Chelsea replied in a low voice. "What the hell are they doing?" Skyler looked in the direction that Chelsea was looking and she saw Ben and Shiloh charging towards the target.

"Big mistake," Chelsea said angrily. "Newbie mirror my movements!" Without uttering a word, Skyler followed Chelsea but she could not mirror her exact movements because something deep inside of her told her that they were making a big mistake going towards the suspect instead of staying hidden.

"Chelsea I think we should..." Skyler did bother to finish her sentence because it was clear that Chelsea was not listening to her. She watched as the suspect starting to control the element of wind and create a tornado which he directed straight towards Shiloh and Ben.

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