CHAPTER 26: All She Needed Was Music

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Weeks passed by as Skyler continued to train with Chelsea. She was starting to get the hang of controlling her powers but she couldn't not bare to listen to Chelsea taunting her and criticizing her. Each time that happened she lost control and broke something in the training room.

When it came to the simulations with Melanie and Chris, Skyler improved a lot but she was always told that she could do better.

She sat on her bed and thought about all the training she had done. Nothing she did helped her control her emotions, she knew that on the field, she could lose control and fail at the mission.

"All of this is useless," Skyler thought to herself, "I'm never gonna be what these people want me to be."

Just then, her door slid open and Shiloh entered the room.

"I guess it's hard to knock on doors around here," Skyler told her sister.

"True, but you do know that you can put a lock code right? That way anyone who wants to come into your room will need to knock."

"I didn't know that. Thanks for the intel, but I'm guessing you aren't here to talk to me about lock codes huh?"

"Yeah you got that right. I'm here to talk about your training," Shiloh said as she sat down on a chair.

"Here to tell me I suck I suppose," Skyler said in a tight voice.

"No, I'm actually here to help you," Shiloh replied.

"Help me in what way?" Skyler asked, astounded.

"Follow me and you'll find out," Shiloh said as she got up to leave the room. Skyler's curiosity got the better of her so she got up to follow Shiloh.

Skyler gave Shiloh a confused look when they reached the training room.

"Do you wanna fight me?" she asked Shiloh slowly.

"No, I wanna show you what else this room can be used for. When I want to cool down or forget something, I usually come here after hours."

"And how do you cool down in here?" Skyler asked.

"We have access to any type of technology," Shiloh said as she made her way to the command pad. Skyler was close at her heels.

"This command pad can not only be used for training sessions, but it can also be used for this." Shiloh quickly typed in a few commands and within seconds music started playing in the training room.

"How did you do that?" Skyler asked immediately.

"We can do anything in the room big sister," Shiloh replied as she pressed another button and weapons emerged from the floor. "Use the music to channel what you are feeling and use the weapons around to train. Here," Shiloh continued, "let me put on your favorite genre."

Skyler's heartbeat started to quicken as she heard the beat of the song and a wave of peace entered her soul.

"Train with the music Skyler,"  Shiloh said as she proceeded to leave the room.

"Wait, aren't you gonna train with me?" Skyler asked.

"No, you need to do this by yourself Skyler. Don't worry sis, you've got this. I believe in you," Shiloh said with a small smile before she left.

As the door closed behind Shiloh, Skyler closed her eyes and began to concentrate on the music that was playing. The lyrics of the rock song transported her to another universe. Her memories of the past entered her mind in a flash as she started to dance to the beat of the song. Every single move she made was to the beat of the song, the energy to she let out could be felt by the empty walls surrounding her. Every time she stopped dancing she could feel the energy around her telling her not to stop. Following the beat of the music she ran towards the weapons and pulled out a sword. For the first time ever, she felt a connection with the weapon, like it had become a part of her. Just then the tracked changed and a heavier song with a heavier beat started to play.

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