Chapter 23: Ryan, Emily and Troy

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"He eats like a pig! Well even pigs have more class," Jade said as she watched Ryan devour his meal. "It's like he's never seen chicken before and he has been here for some time now, he should be used to all the food!"

"This city has deprived Ryan of this for so long, now that he is getting what he wants, he will do exactly what I need him to do," he replied.

"Yes, the powers he has displayed is amazing. He will lead us to our goal and then the other side of this truth will come out," Jade said wickedly.

"You are absolutely right. I heard that we will be getting intel on a certain person that our enemies have acquired?"

"You heard right. She will soon be sending the information and we will always be several steps ahead of our enemy. There is no way they are gonna win this war especially when we unleash your warriors into the city."

"You tell her that if she does her job right, she will be rewarded."

"You do realize what she has asked for boss?" Jade asked with a little concern.

"I do and if I get what I want, she will get what she wants. For now we are moving at the right pace. They all need to get to know each other as well, trust me, I know what I am doing."


"What do you think they are talking about?" Emily asked Ryan. Ryan glanced up to see who Emily was asking about.

"Jade and the boss? Probably about our next training session," he replied as he took another huge bite out of his chicken. Emily looked at him in disgust.

"Can't you like, eat properly dude?" she asked.

"Look," Ryan replied as he continued to chew his food, "I haven't eaten this well is months so give me a break... Besides we are gonna need all the strength we can get when we takeover this city."

"You are right. I can't wait to get my revenge on Skyler, even if she does not live here anymore, I will hunt her down!" Emily said bitterly.

"Damn girl! What did this Skyler do to you?" Ryan asked.

"Well, we are gonna be working together, so I guess you should know," Emily replied.


"I really think we have a chance this time Skyler, we actually made it to the finals! THE FINALS!!" Emily said happily.

"You are so right, our crew has everything to make it! We got the cool crew name 'Salvation' and everybody has a unique dancing style," Skyler replied enthusiastically.

"We just need to watch out for the Ibots, they have brought old school robotic dancing back and the judges seem to love that," Emily continued to say thoughtfully.

"True," Skyler agreed, "but I think we got this Emily. We are gonna win this!"

Emily looked at Skyler with a smile. They had been best friends for a while and they had created the dance crew together. They had been through so many ups and downs, but they had always had each other's backs.

"Skyler, there is something I need to tell you..." Emily paused as Skyler glanced at her with curiosity in her eyes. "This is competition is important to me in more than one way."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well..." Emily said as she breathed out slowly, "I could really use my share of the reward money. My dad is sick and well he needs another operation... It's the only solution to cure him and since we don't have enough money, winning this competition will help me help my parents."

Skyler looked at her friend sympathetically.

"I understand," she replied, "don't worry best friend, we are gonna win this and you are gonna help save your dad. That's a promise!"

"Thank you Skyler, thank you," Emily replied in relief.


"What the HELL DO YOU MEAN SKYLER? YOU CAN'T DROP OUT NOW! WE ARE ON IN A FEW MINUTES!" Emily shouted. The rest of the crew looked at Skyler in anger.

"I'm... I'm sorry guys, I was approached by DanceTech and they offered me an opportunity that I can't pass on," Skyler said with a little guilt in her voice.

Emily's face burnt with anger and hurt. Hot tears poured down her face, she went up to Skyler and shoved her backwards.

"After everything we've been through as a crew, after everything I've shared with you, even after telling you about my dad you are still gonna leave us? Abandon us? Abandon me? Your best friend?" Skyler could not make eye contact with Emily.

"I'm sorry," was all she could blurt out.

"Go. Away," Emily told Skyler coldly, "go away and never come back. I NEVER EVER EVER WANNA SEE YOU AGAIN! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

Skyler turned her back on her crew and walked away, she didn't even look back at them.

"I will never forgive you Skyler," Emily muttered to herself, "never."


"So you've kept a grudge against this Skyler because she left on the day of the competition?" Ryan asked.

"Yes, but it's not just that. She was our best dancer and our routine was nothing without her. We lost of course and I didn't get my share of my reward money and I couldn't help save..." Emily's voice trailed off as tears accumulated in her eyes.

Ryan put his hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry Emily, soon you'll be able to have your revenge. You have something now, power, power that was given to you. Our lives are changing for the better and soon everyone that has hurt us will pay and we will be able to make them suffer as much as we want."

"That's true," a guy sitting opposite Ryan and Emily suddenly said. "I've had enough of this city and soon everyone who hurt me will be regretting that they were born!"

"I'm sorry who are you exactly?" Emily asked.

"Yeah I was thinking the same thing," Ryan said.

"The names Troy," he replied. "I was training alone for some time, but Jade said I could come down today and meet the rest of you."

"Ohhhhh," Emily realized, "you're the guy that can shape shift!"

"Yup that's me," Troy replied proudly. "Jade told me to come and see you two specifically because we're gonna be like a trio or something."

"Really?" Ryan asked in surprise.

"Yeah apparently we're gonna get villain names and all," Troy said.

"But what about the rest of my crew?" Emily asked.

"Well none of them are here yet, so when we find them they will join us," Ryan replied.

"I'm wondering what the others will be doing with their powers," Troy said as he looked around the room.

"Don't worry dude, the boss always has a plan. So since the three of us are gonna be partners we should get to know each other even more. Troy tell us about yourself..."

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