CHAPTER 18: She is Not a Threat

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"What happened?" she asked Skyler in a kind voice. Before Skyler could reply, Chelsea, Ben, Shiloh, The General and a few other agents entered the lab with weapons in their hands. When Skyler saw that they all came armed, she started to feel the surge in her body and her eyes started to change color once again. Melanie and Chris noticed this immediately.

"General, please tell everybody to stand down," Melanie said firmly. "No one is in danger!" General glanced at the chaos in the lab, she then noticed that Chris was holding on to his back.

"General please," Melanie said in a pleading voice. General Williams knew that if she ordered the agents to shoot at Skyler things could go terribly wrong.

"Stand down," she ordered. Everybody put their weapons away except for Chelsea.

"Chelsea I gave an order, your job is to obey it!" General Williams said angrily. "If you don't put that weapon down there will be consequences!"

Chelsea reluctantly obeyed General Williams and her indignation could be seen all over her face. Skyler relaxed a little when she saw that none of the weapons were pointed at her.

"Skyler, Chris will take you to your quarters and stay with you until I come. I need to talk to the General and her team.

Skyler nodded and followed Chris out of the lab. As soon as they left Chelsea burst out.

"What the hell happened here?"

"Keep your voice down Chelsea!" Melanie said.

"Why? Are you afraid that your precious friends' feelings get hurt?" Chelsea asked almost sarcastically.

"No, there is still ringing in my ears from all her screaming. I think my audition may have dropped down a decibel or two..."

"Yes yes you can go to med bay later. Chelsea is right though, we need to know what happened here," General Williams said, "and we should take it to my office."

Melanie spent the next couple of minutes explaining Skyler's reaction to the news she had given her to General Williams and the others.

"It was like a new set of powers manifested," she told them, "a new set of powers on a different level may I add."

"General after what Melanie told us, you need to consider isolation," Chelsea said. "Skyler is getting dangerous and this is only the beginning."

"Isolation is a bit harsh Chelsea," Ben said, "Skyler isn't a bad person at heart."

"Of course you'll defend her Ben," Chelsea said matter of factly, "we all know it's because Skyler is Shiloh's sister and..."

"Chelsea we are not here to discuss Ben's private life," Melanie cut in. "You don't seem to realize that we need Skyler and all her powers."

"Agent Stone is right. You all know what that traitor is capable of, he is most likely building an army as we speak. Skyler can help us capture the other 'victims' before he gets to them. With training she can also help us in our fight against him. This is a time to put all our ego's aside... That goes for you as well Ortega! This isn't the time to keep hashing family discussions with your sister, this is a time for the two of you to put your differences aside and work together. A lot, and I mean a lot of people, innocent people will be counting on us. Do you think you all can do that?"

Ben and Melanie agreed immediately whereas Chelsea and Shiloh remained indignant.

"I can't deal with the two of you right not," General Williams told Chelsea and Shiloh. "It's been a long day, take the rest of your shift off and think about what I told you. What's coming is bigger than all of us and now more than ever, we need to be on the same page."

Shiloh gave the General one last indignant look before leaving the office. Ben went after her and Melanie left to go and see Skyler.

"Before you go Chelsea, you need to tell me why you are so adamant on getting rid of Skyler."

"She is a..."

"Cut the crap Chelsea! You and I both know Skyler isn't a threat... So tell me the real reason," General Williams said really slowly.

Chelsea swallowed hard, she knew that she could never hide anything from her. The truth was that Chelsea was boiling inside. She could not accept the fact that someone like Skyler got powers to help people when she was more than committed than ever to her job. In fact what Chelsea did for a living was her way of life and she could never ever do anything else with her life.

"Your silence tells me everything I need to know," General Williams said as she interrupted Chelsea's thoughts. "You can't accept the fact that it's Skyler who somehow found herself on the other side of the rope and got all these amazing abilities... Abilities that you wish you got..."

"General I..."

"I've worked long enough with you to know how you reason Chelsea. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and there is a reason why Skyler got the powers she got. Please put aside you ego and frustration and try to work with her, get to know her... We need her, but she needs us most. She has been taken out of her bubble, in fact her bubble popped and she now finds herself in a world that isn't hers... You are the team leader Chelsea, you are the one I trust to bring everyone back home safely and now Skyler is also your responsibility... I know you can power through everything you are feeling."

Chelsea knew her boss was right. She had to power through everything she was feeling, she needed to accept reality.

"Okay General, I'll try my best to give Skyler and chance," she finally replied.

"Good! Now take the rest of your shift off and think about what I told you."

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